1129 - The sudden arrival of the special envoy

Chapter 1129 – The sudden arrival of the special envoy


“It's... it's very far away.” Eleven did not expect his new master to have such a huge reaction to the news. “The Earth Province territory stretches across hundreds of thousands of kilometers, with dangers everywhere. Apart from some of the Central City areas, there are dark beasts and forbidden lands at most of the dark areas. It will be incredibly difficult to pass through. The Heavenly Fire Central City of the Fire Province is at the most western area, and from our location we will need to travel across the entire territory of the Fire Province.”

“This... it's really a little far.” 

Ye Qingyu gradually calmed down. 

He was almost ninety percent certain that the rumoured person must be [Quasi-emperor Xiaofei]. This was undoubtedly great news. In this world, besides his relatives, if there was a person who Ye Qingyu worshipped and admired, then [Quasi-emperor Xiaofei] was definitely one of them. 

Although he wanted to see [Quasi-emperor Xiaofei], but after calming down, he also realized that now is not the right time. 

After coming to the Dark Realm, Ye Qingyu had...

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