1128 - News of an old friend

Chapter 1128 – News of an old friend


At this time, many black-haired refugees did not know what the battle on the small dirt field on this night in Bitter Hill Village would mean for them. 

Only future history books would document the night of change in this Dark Realm.

Many historians, at the mention of this night, will say that the wheel of history began to turn and change on this night. 

At this time, the villagers simply watched Ye Qingyu leave with a look of reverence and gratitude in their eyes. 

When Ye Qingyu left, he also brought Zhen Wanting and her mother. 

It was only when the airship rose and disappeared into the distant horizon that the black-haired Dark Ones gradually dispersed.

Before leaving, Ye Qingyu said a few words to Chen Sheng, asked him to temporarily let the refugees of the Ten Kilometers Village to settle in Bitter Hill Village for now. Then he requested Chen Sheng to pass on a message to the other large villages nearby that he will soon visit some black-haired Dark Ones villages, to see the kind of light that did not need oil and firewood. 

The long, long night had come to an end.

“Village chief, that lord... who is he?” a villager came over to ask. 

Chen Sheng smiled, “Who? Haha, of course he is an important person that we cannot understand, like those important people of the Guardian camp, he is high and mighty, stands in the clouds like a god. But there is one thing I can be sure of, and that is he’s a good person. Perhaps we can finally live a good life in the futur...

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