1127 - The Demon of Sin

Chapter 1127 – The Demon of Sin


“You are a Sinner!” 

Zhang Longcheng exclaimed in shock as though had he seen a ghost in the daytime. 

He was dumbfounded and even forgot to struggle and escape. 

Because, above Ye Qingyu's head, that blood mist was twisting and charging up, like a coiling dragon, writing out a huge ancient seal character—— 


A huge word ‘sin’. 

That red qi and blood mist were like the most conspicuous blood ink in the world. The sky was treated as a canvas, the heaven and earth as the background, wandering indefinitely, brightening and fading, changing and alternating. However, the word that it formed was unprecedentedly clear. It emitted a strong bloody and ruthless smell, giving an incomparable demonic and evil feeling. It was as if a high and mighty Immortal was making an accusation. 

Ye Qingyu looked up at the sky, similarly extremely shocked. 

It was the first time this kind of thing had happened.

His qi and blood had uncontrollably charged out his body and transformed into a huge word ‘sin’. 

Does this mean, as Zhang Longcheng had said, he was a Sinner? 

Ye Qingyu went into deep thought. 

And on the other side, Eleven also had an abrupt change of expression, similarly a look of stunned...

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