1125 -The winner and loser is decided

Chapter 1125 – The winner and loser is decided


At the sight of the black ships that were like Immortal palaces flying in the void, as well as the celestial horse corps around the gigantic ship and the soldiers of the military camp, they could not help but cheer in a low voice.

And in the eyes of the black-haired Dark Ones, were the shadows of death coming. 

The power and might of the army of Central City had accumulated for a long time was extremely terrifying to the black-haired Dark Ones of the surrounding villages. They were used to shivering in front of the Guardians, and any resistance would lead to brutal and merciless retaliation.

At this moment, Eleven, who was acting as a justice trial judge, finally stopped what he was doing. In fact almost all the several hundreds of soldiers of the military camp who followed Shao Xuzheng and Yao Xin before had already been put on trial, and the soldiers that had been stained with the blood of the villagers of Ten Kilometers Village had all been killed.

“Lord, the City Lord is here.” Eleven stood next to Ye Qingyu. 

Ye Qingyu nodded. 

According to the memory of Little Ten, Zhang Longcheng of the Luoshen Ridge was also one of the murderers...

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