1124 - Reinforcements are here

Chapter 1124 – Reinforcements are here


This gaze made Shao Xuzheng feel as though he had fallen into an ice cave. 

He was no longer as arrogant and aggressive as before, trembling like a duckling frightened by a thunderstorm. He nodded repeatedly, saying, “Yes, yes, yes, I will immediately go ask the City Lord, I will immediately go...”

If he could, he wanted to leave right away and never see Ye Qingyu again in his life.  

Ye Qingyu nodded, “Then thank you... right, at that time, you should come too.”

Shao Xuzheng gave a wry, miserable smile as he repeatedly promised, and then turned and darted away, disappearing in the night sky.

At this time, the ferocious and murderous-looking soldiers of the military camp, looked as mournful as if in bereavement, and were rooted to the spot. 

They were well aware of Yao Xin's cultivation level. The Fiendgod-like military chief was an invincible existence in their mind, but was killed by the servant of the young man in one clean slash. It was simply as easy as pinching an ant to death. If it were them, they would have most likely died much faster. 

They had originally thought that the assignment tonight was a good errand, where they...

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