1123 - If one tries to escape, kill one

Chapter 1123 – If one tries to escape, kill one


It was Ye Qingyu's first time hearing this. 

Capture slaves?

These black-haired Dark Ones were treated as slaves, and the sick, old and weak as food. This sort of thing would only happen in the most foolish and backward domain in the world. It was simply a dark history of the intelligent creatures, but these high and mighty Guardians had actually done this sort of thing?  

“Lord, what do we do?” Eleven asked. 

Ye Qingyu scrunched his brows together, “Let's take a look first.” 

“Yes.” Eleven made no more movements. 

At this moment, the two figures coming down from the black airship were evidently the leaders. Under the escort of the soldiers of the military camp, they came to a small dirt field. One was a middle-aged man in silk robes with no official title, and the other was a burly general, with sword-like brows and a fierce-looking face. 

“Who is the village chief?” The middle-aged man wore an indifferent expression, his eyes swept over the shivering villagers who had gathered in the small dirt field, like he was looking at a group of animals.

Chen Sheng came over with a smiling face, bowing repeatedly as he asked politely, “Lord, I am. I wonder...

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