1122 – Capture Slaves

Chapter 1122 – Capture Slaves


Zhen Wanting brought Ye Qingyu around the entire village and through her, he learned that this village was named Bitter Hill Village and it was one of the hundreds of black-haired Dark Ones' villages that dotted the Luoshen Ridge. It fell under the control of Central City and the villagers were almost all black-haired Dark Ones.

He was shocked at the poverty and backwardness of this village.

Most of the villagers lived in thatched houses or primitive mud houses and their living conditions were considered relatively good if they could build their house in a stone cave, since it meant that they didn't need to worry about their roofs leaking when it rained and when they closed their doors at night, they didn't need to worry about dark beasts or serpents sneaking into their houses.

The amount of food they had was also incredibly scarce.

Most of the land throughout the Dark Realm was made up of sand and gravel, so it was not possible to grow crops on the land. The only area that had better conditions was the area that had been protected by an ancient wise Martial Emperor and crops could be grown on those land but these lands were already occupied by the Guardians and Luoshen Ridge was part of those lands. This also explained why so many black-haired...

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