1121 - He Chose to Remain

Chapter 1121 He Chose to Remain


How could this man resurrect dead people?

The many powerful experts who guarded the camp had never witnessed such a phenomenon either, and when they saw that the mighty Eleven was kneeling in front of Ye Qingyu, the black-haired Dark Ones looked at him with even more respect and fear.

Several brave black-haired Dark Ones approached Ye Qingyu to beg him to save the others.

He could not understand what they were saying, but he could guess what they wanted him to do. He did not say anything else and sent a wave of snowflakes flying out. And after these snowflakes landed on the black-haired Dark Ones who were dying from their injuries, they came back to life after a few breaths.

A burly man stepped forward from the crowd and looked at him with both respect and wariness as he bowed to Ye Qingyu with a smile. He was part of the group that had been resisting the attack with bows and stone spears.

"Ah li, walala..." This burly man spoke rapidly.

Ye Qingyu could not understand the burly man because of how fast he was speaking, and he turned to look at Eleven, who looked like he was still in a state of shock.

Eleven quickly pasted a smile on his face and said, "My lord, this man is the village chief of this area and he is named Chen Sheng. He said that those pet beasts that we killed earlier were the pets reared by the noble Guardians who live in Central City located in the Luoshen Ridge, and these pets would normally be let out to hunt in the nearby villages. The village chief said that he noticed that we were foreigners, so he would advise us to leave immediately. Otherwise, once the noblemen of Central City realize that their pet monsters have been killed, they would definitely seek you out for revenge."

Ye Qingyu developed a good impression of these black-haired Dark Ones after their village chief's statement.

"If we leave now, won't these villagers be in danger once the noblemen visit the village to investigate?" he asked.

Eleven turned to say something to Chen Sheng.

A flash of sorrow crossed Chen Sheng's face, then he lifted his head and smiled. He said something in reply and determination was written on his face.

Eleven turned to Ye Qingyu and interpreted Chen Sheng's words, "He said that they have already gotten used to the cruelty of the noblemen. Moreover, these noblemen would clearly know that the villagers don't have the strength to kill these pet beasts, so even if they were punished, the punishment would not be that serious. He also told us not to worry since they will never reveal the name of their savior."

Ye Qingyu did not have any further comments after that.

Chen Sheng seemed to be a little too optimistic and he seemed to be deliberately trying to pass off the situation as a small incident so that Ye Qingyu and his companions would not be implicated in this matter. His loyalty was worthy of admiration.

Chen Sheng seemed to think of an idea and said something else to Eleven.

Eleven said, "My lord, he has requested that you take a young lady named Zhen Wanting along with you when you leave because this lady had given up her body in exchange for the lives of her fellow villagers and they can't breach the agreement, so from now on, this young lady will be your servant."

Ye Qingyu could not help giving Chen Sheng a second glance.

This village chief looked brash and reckless but was, in fact, very perceptive. He was clearly making use of this opportunity to find a good master for this young lady. Was it because Chen Sheng thought that he would be a kinder master?

If someone as beautiful as Zhen Wanting remained in the village, it was only a matter of time before she would face a tragic fate and become the plaything of the noblemen.

Ye Qingyu smiled faintly at Chen Sheng and this burly man laughed awkwardly.

"What do you think?" he asked Eleven.

Eleven was surprised that Ye Qingyu was actually asking for his opinion and seized this opportunity to curry favor with him. He thought for a moment and said, "My lord, you've come to the Central City of Luoshen Ridge for serious matters, so it wouldn't be good for you to get involved in such an insignificant matter. It would be best for you to leave so that we don't alert the enemy to your presence..."

He tried his best to think about his master's best interests and continued, "As for the girl, she is indeed a true beauty. If you have taken a liking to her, you could take her along with you and find somewhere else to groom her. With my abilities, I'm confident that I'll be able to turn her into a multi-talented concubine in six months, then..."

Ye Qingyu did not know whether to laugh or to cry.

He smacked Eleven's head and stopped him from making any more suggestions. "Was this how you used to advise Ye Chen? Stop coming up with such stupid schemes in the future and put your intellect to something more useful. If you give me any more nonsensical ideas, I'll wring your neck..."

Eleven immediately looked very dejected but he was actually very pleased with how his master had treated him.

This must mean that his master had already thought of him as a trusted confidant.

"Tell Chen Sheng that I won't be going anywhere for now. I'll be staying here for a few days, so tell him to make arrangements for our lodgings here," Ye Qingyu added.

"My lord, are you... deliberately trying to alert the enemy to your presence?" Eleven froze for a moment but immediately acted like he knew what Ye Qingyu was planning and held his thumb up in approval. "My lord, this is brilliant. It is a truly brilliant plan. You must be deliberately trying to stir up a commotion here to see how powerful the forces at Central City are. Hahaha!"

Ye Qingyu was left utterly speechless.

Eleven was fast becoming an expert bootlicker.

Naturally, he had his own reasons for staying in this village.

Chen Sheng looked very astonished after he heard Eleven's interpretation of Ye Qingyu's words.

This young village chief had figured out that Ye Qingyu's arrival had not been a coincidence but that he was here for a specific purpose.

Chen Sheng was a little hesitant because he was worried that his village would be swept into the noblemen's conflict. Then, that would spell disaster for his village.

Ye Qingyu finally told Eleven to tell Chen Sheng that he would definitely not implicate the village in this and that he would also protect them if the situation called for it. Chen Sheng did not dare to defy Ye Qingyu's orders either, so he could only make the necessary arrangements.

He arranged for Ye Qingyu to lodge in a dilapidated stone hall that night.

This stone hall was the cleanest hall in the entire village and was usually used to receive esteemed visitors from Central City, so this was the best accommodation that the village could provide.

Zhen Wanting had also been sent to wait on him.

She was a lively little girl.

He did not remain cooped up within the stone hall either and tasked the little girl to bring him around the village.

Central City, Luoshen Ridge.

At the heavily guarded residence of the City Lord.

"What's going on? Why haven't the pet beasts we let out earlier returned?"

In the backyard.

Shao Xuzheng, who was tasked with looking after those pet beasts, was so worried that cold sweat beaded all over his forehead.

He had gone over to the cages in the backyard to take a look and immediately flew into a rage. "The young lord wants to go hunting outside the city tomorrow morning, and his favorite pet beast, the sabertooth tiger, has not returned. Quick, send some men out to investigate!"

Moments later—

Several servants rushed toward the backyard from the front and yelled loudly, "Supervisor Shao... Supervisor Shao, oh no... Bad news, the beast soul crystals... they've all shattered."


Shao Xuzheng turned pale at the news.

"What... what did you just say? Could you repeat your words again?" he growled as he rushed over and held that servant up by his collar.

The servant looked as though he was about to weep as he said, "I was cleaning the beast soul hall when I saw that all of the beast soul crystals have shattered. Those pet beasts that we have been rearing are probably... all dead..."


Shao Xuzheng staggered backward and he was completely astonished while fear was written all over his face.

If the beast soul crystals had all shattered, this would mean that the pet beasts were definitely dead.

"Who had dared to kill the young master's pet beasts?"

Shao Xuzheng knew how powerful those pet beasts were—they were as powerful as Saint experts of the formation martial artists. They had always sent these pet beasts out to hunt in the black-haired Dark Ones' villages and these pet beasts had never failed to return. It was impossible for those black-haired Dark One peasants to kill so many pet beasts, so the only explanation was that several martial experts must have killed them all.

However, this was no longer the point.

His greatest worry was how he was going to give his young master an explanation.

Everyone knew how cruel and violent the young City Lord was, so if the young master noticed that his pet beasts were missing tomorrow morning, his fate would be no different from those dead pet beasts.

He gradually calmed down and a sinister look flashed past his eyes.

He suddenly attacked those two servants with his palm and sent their brains spilling onto the floor with a splatter. Then, he sent out a wisp of flame and got rid of their bodies, and summoned his trusted servant. "Get the horses ready, I'm going to the military camp," he instructed.

The military camp was the standing army of Central City and it was made up of powerful experts. There weren't many people within the camp but each and every soldier was incredibly powerful. They had mastered the martial art techniques of the Guardians and large amounts of resources had been spent grooming them, so they signified the power and authority held by the Guardians.

In other words, the experts of the military camp were sharp knives that the Guardians sharpened and they would get rid of all resistance.

The military camp was located in the northwestern part of the city.

Shao Xuzheng rode on a mutant dragon horse and sped toward the military camp.

An hour later—

A flying ship that was several hundred meters wide silently rose into the air. This ship carried several hundred soldiers in full armor, as well as Shao Xuzheng, who looked very menacing, and the leader of the military camp, who exuded a murderous spirit, Yao Xin.

"I've already received confirmation that the pet beasts have been killed at Bitter Hill Village." Shao Xuzheng had used a mysterious technique to exert the beast soul ring, and from the beast soul ring's reaction, he deduced that the pet beasts had been killed around the area where Bitter Hill Village was located.

Yao Xin laughed and said, "Bitter Hill Village? That is only a tiny village along the outer fringes of Luoshen Ridge, only black-haired peasants live there. We won't face any resistance even if we killed them all... Hehe, Supervisor Shao, I've mobilized my men without permission this time, so you mustn't forget to fulfill your end of the bargain as well."

Shao Xuzheng nodded and said sinisterly, "Don't worry, Commander Yao. There are more than one thousand black-haired peasants at Bitter Hill Village. And if we were to include Ancient Tree Village and the other four villages within a ten-kilometer radius of Bitter Hill Village, there will be at least four thousand healthy young men and several hundred virgins between the ages of ten to eighteen, so they would all make good slaves... They will all belong to you after this matter is resolved. I know you have your own ways. Hehe, if these slaves were to be transported to the other regions, they would definitely be able to fetch a good price and you'll get to keep the profit. All you have to do is to capture that barbarian who dared to kill the young City Lord's pet beasts for me."

"Haha, don't worry. I'll make him pay the price regardless of who he might be," Commander Yao said confidently.

Shao Xuzheng nodded and replied, "I don't care who he is. I'm going to make sure that he gets tortured so badly that even his mother wouldn't even be able to recognize him." 

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