1121 - He Chose to Remain

Chapter 1121 He Chose to Remain


How could this man resurrect dead people?

The many powerful experts who guarded the camp had never witnessed such a phenomenon either, and when they saw that the mighty Eleven was kneeling in front of Ye Qingyu, the black-haired Dark Ones looked at him with even more respect and fear.

Several brave black-haired Dark Ones approached Ye Qingyu to beg him to save the others.

He could not understand what they were saying, but he could guess what they wanted him to do. He did not say anything else and sent a wave of snowflakes flying out. And after these snowflakes landed on the black-haired Dark Ones who were dying from their injuries, they came back to life after a few breaths.

A burly man stepped forward from the crowd and looked at him with both respect and wariness as he bowed to Ye Qingyu with a smile. He was part of the group that had been resisting the attack with bows and stone spears.

"Ah li, walala..." This burly man spoke rapidly.

Ye Qingyu could not understand the burly man because of how fast he was speaking, and he turned to look at Eleven, who looked like he was still in a state of shock.

Eleven quickly pasted a smile on his face and said, "My lord, this man is the...

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