1120 - Disaster

Chapter 1120 Disaster


A few Dark Ones began shouting incoherently, looking anxious.

Then, a commotion broke out among the black-haired Dark Ones around Ye Qingyu. They looked extremely panicky and frightened as they hid back into their caves and huts, especially the females, who looked younger. They were trembling and turned around to flee.

From afar, the sound of some people crying their lungs out could be heard.

They could see some thatched huts that were being set on fire and stone houses being overturned. The smell of blood pervaded the air; evidently, some people had been killed.

"What's happening?"

Ye Qingyu frowned.

Eleven cocked his head to listen. "My lord, it seems that dark beasts are rampaging over there. We're at the outskirts where bloodthirsty dark beasts frequently charge into people's houses to scavenge for food. It's alright, they'll leave once they're full..."

Ye Qingyu frowned and said, "Let's head over for a look"

They walked a few kilometers ahead. There were people crying and shouting all around them, and the collapse of a few stone houses had crushed a number of Dark Ones to death. Some of them had been burned alive, and the surviving Dark...

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