1119 - Black Haired Dark Ones

Chapter 1119 Black Haired Dark Ones


The Emperor Detection Technique could only be used by an expert at the Quasi-emperor level or above. After someone became a Quasi-emperor, he or she could sense and would bear the destiny of the Heavens. It was a mysterious technique that was similar to space-time reversal, and it required a certain medium to re-enact what happened some time ago.

The medium Ye Qingyu needed was the battleground of that ill-fated day.

He wanted to use the battlefield to help re-enact the true incident to know the identities of all of Ren Puyang's assailants. After all, the memories the wyrm had absorbed from the Great Ancient Dragon Emperor and the other experts were incomplete. First, this was a limitation of the process of absorbing memories, and second, the Great Ancient Dragon Emperor and his accomplices did not know the complete truth about the inner workings of the entire incident.

Strange waves of energy kept emanating out of Ye Qingyu's body that filled the entire valley around the battlefield, like water rippling through and cleansing the surrounding area.

Scenes of that unfortunate incident appeared in the void.

Ren Puyang and Lin Yutang were suddenly attacked while walking. Their assailants were...

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