1117 - The Four Big Classes

Chapter 1117 The Four Big Classes


Was this the Dark Realm?

Ye Qingyu was walking in a vast and dim land.

Two months had already passed since he had killed Ye Chen.

The effects of the aftermath from the battle of the Four Stars Sect had already been dealt with, and the few big factions and barons who conspired with Ye Chen to destroy the Heaven Wasteland Domain had been removed from the Vast Thousand Domains with extreme prejudice. This sent shockwaves through the other domains, which resulted in no other race or power daring to have any designs on the domain again. Furthermore, the Heaven Wasteland Domain had also grown, and it now possessed a force strong enough to defend itself.

After careful examination and rigorous testing, Ye Qingyu was sure that the Emperor weapons he had obtained from Ye Chen were indeed fake Emperor weapons that had somehow absorbed the qi of a true Martial Emperor. They were stronger than normal fake Emperor weapons, but they could not be classified as the real deal. After removing some marks on the weapons, he gave them to Spokesperson Li, and the four commanders, as well as a few powerful figures in the Heaven Wasteland Domain, as a form of self-defense.

Ye Qingyu only kept the [Blazing Mark of the Three Flames], [Formless Armor of Drifting...

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