1115 - Sealing Their Memories

Chapter 1115 Sealing Their Memories


Ye Chen knew that he was in big trouble the moment his demon saber was knocked out of his hands.

He forgot all about his dignity and frantically retreated. Then he yelled, "Stop him. Men, stop him! Ah, ah, ah…"

He had ordered the elderly servant and the golden-armored soldiers to step back earlier and swore that he would kill Ye Qingyu himself because he had absolute confidence in his trump cards and assumed that he could easily kill Ye Qingyu. However, he had completely lost faith by this point after consecutively losing the [Blazing Mark of the Three Flames], the [Formless Armor of Drifting Clouds], and the demon saber. He had lost the will to battle on.

Ye Chen had placed all his confidence on his Emperor weapons, and after all these things were taken from him, it did not matter that he was a Quasi-emperor because his mental state was far below that of an ordinary Quasi-emperor. Furthermore, he had never truly experienced a life-and-death battle and lacked the fortitude to battle to the very end.

"Protect our master," the elderly servant said.

The golden-armored soldiers braced themselves and charged like moths to a flame at Ye Qingyu, whose body swirled with wisps of lightning energy.

However, that...

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