1114 – Trump Card? Whose Trump Card?

Chapter 1114 – Trump Card? Whose Trump Card?


The next moment, his vision cleared.

The [Cloud Top Cauldron] floated above his head once more.

Ye Chen was standing opposite him, still holding his demon saber and his astonished expression was a mixture of shock and disbelief as he stared at Ye Qingyu furiously.

"How did you… your cauldron… how did it manage to block…" Ye Chen looked at the [Cloud Top Cauldron] as though he had seen a ghost and said, "What kind of cauldron is that? How did you come to possess such an item? Ah, I see, this must be the reason why you managed to crawl up from rock bottom. This must have been your lucky break…"

He noticed something.

"The supreme treasures of the world will only acknowledge those with good morals as their master," Ye Qingyu said vaguely because he didn't know what the origins of this cauldron were either. This cauldron always managed to surprise him with its magical abilities and now, it had even managed to block the blow of a saber that was stained with the blood of an Emperor. He was left a little astounded by its prowess as well.

Ye Chen smiled menacingly, "I guess you don't know the origins of this cauldron either. He he, understandably, a country bumpkin...

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