1113 - A Broken Demon Saber

Chapter 1113 A Broken Demon Saber


A layer of mist that resembled drifting clouds floated out from Ye Chen and swirled around his body mistily, like white clouds in the sky, as though it was protecting his body. This caused his figure to become blurrier because this cloud mist swirled about unpredictably and it was very elusive.

"Hmm? The [Formless Armor of Drifting Clouds]?" Ye Qingyu was surprised.

According to legend, the [Drifting Cloud Emperor], who was part of the Three Sovereigns and Five Emperors, had gained enlightenment on his personal martial way after catching the drifting clouds in the sky. It was also said that this Emperor was the most adept at transformation and strange changes, and had the ability to change into anything, like an elusive drifting cloud. His martial way was the most profound among the Three Sovereigns and Five Emperors and could be described as "a formless drifting cloud". Did that mean that the armor called the [[Formless Armor of Drifting Clouds]] that Ye Chen had just summoned was an Emperor weapon that had belonged to the [Drifting Cloud Emperor]?

Ye Qingyu exerted his [Eyes of the Void] technique and closely examined the armor.

He was immediately surprised to find that he was not able to track Ye Chen's movements at all after his...

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