1110 – He Has Arrived

Chapter 1110 – He Has Arrived


Ye Chongsheng's family had come to seek revenge.

Ye Qingyu was now so powerful that he would know what was going on after he sent out his consciousness power. Ye Chongsheng's family had been cowed into submission by the elderly Quasi-emperor after the battle at the Four Stars Sect and promised that they would not create trouble, so he had let down his guard. After all, they were a lost tribe of the Human Race and he had already secretly looked into Ye Chongsheng's family and decided to leave them alone when he saw that they were not corrupted by the dark forces.


"It looks like this family has already gone over to the dark side."

Then, he left the [Guanlan Mountain Manor].

At the Human Race headquarters at the Alliance of Domains.

A man with an aquiline nose who looked very young sat flagrantly on the seat of the spokesperson and a malicious smile spread across his face as he looked at the six huge steel stakes placed in the main hall.

The continuous split-splat sound of liquid dripping could be heard throughout the quiet hall.

This was the sound of blood as it dripped into a vat.

Six figures were tied to those six steel stakes and jagged steel hooks lined with formations pieced through...

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