1108 - Inheritance

Chapter 1108 - Inheritance



Ye Qingyu did not pay much attention to the nameless Quasi-emperor’s later words. Instead, he focused his attention squarely on and was utterly astonished by the three mentioned names.

“[Drifting Cloud Emperor], [Sea Sand Emperor]… They also...” He looked at the Quasi-emperor with a terribly shocked expression. The [Longevity Emperor] alone had deeply astonished him, yet it turned out that two other Martial Emperors had nourished the tree too.

Moreover, of these two Martial Emperors, one was part of the Three Sovereigns and Five Emperors, while the other was a legendary, supreme Emperor of the Demon Race. Both were certainly beings who had amazed many generations.

“Look below the tree.” The Quasi-emperor directed.

Hearing this, Ye Qingyu understood what to do and operated the [Eyes of the Void] to look into the ground below the Quasi-emperor. Those purple eyes saw through the ground surface and spotted an energy layer, beneath which was a most astonishing sight.

Submerged in the soil beneath the ground was a giant human who was sitting cross-legged. His body was even bigger than that of the nameless...

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