1106 – Longevity Emperor

Chapter 1106 – [Longevity Emperor]


The scene ahead shocked Ye Qingyu immensely.

It was a highly frightening scene.

A human body was clearly being used as nourishment to fulfill the growth needs of this strange, big tree. Just thinking about the piecemeal extraction of energy, flesh, and essence from a human body would cause anyone’s hair to stand on end. It was, without a doubt, the most terrifying form of torture in this world.

Suppressing his inner shock effortfully, Ye Qingyu continued to observe.

He soon realized something else.

Although the aura of this giant human was weak, it nevertheless caused Ye Qingyu to palpitate with fear, much in the same way that a dying tiger would still frighten a rabbit. This… this giant was a Quasi-emperor.

A Quasi-emperor-level expert.

My goodness.

Ye Qingyu flinched in fear.

How is it possible that a Quasi-emperor-level expert is being used as nourishment for this withering mysterious ancient tree? It’s almost as if he has become a vase in which the ancient tree is planted… Who exactly...

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