1105 - Giant under the Giant Tree

Chapter 1105 Giant under the Giant Tree


The disappearance of the anonymous Quasi-emperor and the incident that drove the eight prodigies insane must have been connected to this place. If even a Quasi-emperor had fallen here, great danger must have been present in this dimension.

Ye Qingyu did not dare to let his guard down.

He saw many skeletons wandering aimlessly along his way. They were like harmless sheep and were not offensive threats.

Aside from the herds of skeletons, he saw shadows drifting in the air like mist in another area. They looked like wandering souls, and their gaseous, vapor-like bodies were very thinly formed. It looked as though a single gust of wind would blow their bodies into bits...

No, the spirits of powerful martial artists are not like ghosts. They are already very faint and insentient, as if they had forgotten everything about their past life. They exist in a very strange condition, and they would most likely be unable to exist in the world of the living, much less sustain a gust of wind!

Ye Qingyu felt that it was extremely strange.

Further away, on the horizon, he could see something changing to a bright red color.

He walked about five hundred meters to...

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