1104 - The Ancient Secret

Chapter 1104 The Ancient Secret


The wisdom accumulated throughout the millennia of the Four Stars Sect's existence was tremendous and diverse. The number of top-class arsenals amounted to a few thousand, and there were also countless numbers of pill factories, weapon stockpiles, and resources. This was not counting those from the branches, divisions, and bases in different domains. All in all, there were probably hundreds of thousands of them. This was the number of assets owned by a super sect.

Even though Spokesperson Li could reallocate resources belonging to the headquarters of the Human Race and he had the elites assigned by the Heaven Wasteland Empire to assist him, the entire process of arranging, allocating, and reorganizing the Four Stars Sect's resources was a lengthy process. Furthermore, he would have to process its huge number of disciples who had surrendered and come up with a plan to fill the huge gaping hole left by the demise of the sect.

The monastery of the Four Stars Sect was directly annexed by the Human Race headquarters.

A new monastery of the sect was set up at another prime location within the Four Stars Domain. Everything had to be rebuilt from the ground up, and basically,...

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