1103 - Everyone is Singing

Chapter 1103 Everyone is Singing 

The Battle of the Four Stars Sect eventually concluded.

From thereon, the sect itself ceased to exist.


Ye Qingyu was thorough in rooting out evil, and he had no pity for the chief culprits who held important positions. He executed nearly all of the martial arts experts that were involved with the forces of darkness and the mid-level executives were forced to become soldiers. He did not make life too difficult for the disciples at the bottom of the sect's hierarchy, however. After all, they were not really able to influence things in the Four Stars Sect and were purely following orders.

In the end, Ye Qingyu held firm and did not instantly expunge the sect from the world.

This was because he had recalled their sincere request to "allow the Four Stars Sect to continue to exist in the world of the living" earlier on at Capital Sky Peak.

After all, the Four Stars Sect had once played a pivotal and influential role in the Human Race. Over the long course of the history of the humans, the sect had achieved great merit for their people. Furthermore, it was only a few millennia ago when their ranks had been infiltrated and annexed by the forces of darkness.

Not all of the members of the Four Stares Sect were evil.

After giving his...

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