1101 - Destruction of the Four Stars Sect

Chapter 1101 - Destruction of the Four Stars Sect


When everyone saw the Dragon Human warships charging toward the Four Stars Sect and noticed that they were led by General Xu Wuya who enjoyed considerable fame throughout the Vast Thousand Domains, they realized how intricately planned the entire punitive expedition against the Four Stars Sect had been. This plan was far beyond their expectations and they had managed to mobilize such strength that it could even be said that this was the largest battle in the Vast Thousand Domains in the past one thousand years.

These Dragon Human warships stood in orderly rows and strictly followed their orders. Their battle formation was strict and imposing and this was the Dragon Teeth Army, the army that was rumored to rank amongst the top ten in terms of combat power in the current era.

The Four Stars Sect was a super-sect with a history of many thousand years and they had rich resources and accumulated a wealth of knowledge but the Dragon Human Race who had established the Dragonblood Dynasty were also on par with them and was also considered a major force of the current era. Although the power of the Dragon Human Race had dipped in recent years, in terms of resources, they were on par with the Four Stars Sect. Now that they had the support of the Dragon Human...

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