1099 - I'll Send You on Your Way to Hell

Chapter 1099 - I'll Send You on Your Way to Hell 

A smile appeared on the sect master's face.

"Ha ha ha, this is the Four Stars Sect. We are a great sect with more than ten thousand years of history behind us, so we have huge amounts of resources and assets at our disposal. We will not be brought down even by the greatest of controversies," he said with a smile and looked condescendingly at Spokesperson Li as though the winner had already been decided. "I'm afraid that you'll be disappointed by the outcome of this battle. Don't worry, I swear that your only daughter won't suffer after your death. Instead, I'll make sure that she'll live well," he specifically placed an emphasis on the words 'live well', as though there was a sly innuendo in his word. He tried to use this to dent Spokesperson Li's confidence.

The sect master knew that Spokesperson Li had gone into seclusion because he had been traumatized after the death of his beloved wife and went off the grid with his only daughter. Today, his daughter was his only weakness and now that the Four Stars Sect had an absolute advantage, the sect master started to formulate alternative plans. He wanted to force Spokesperson Li to turn against the Human Race headquarters and join forces with him to attack Ye Qingyu. This would...

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