1098 - Our Deeds Will Fill an Honored Slate

Chapter 1098 - Our Deeds Will Fill an Honored Slate


"What's going on? Have the successor of White Jade Capital and the [Fatally Beautiful Fairy] been swept into this battle as well?"

The crowd was extremely astonished by the latest development.

These two women were the most beautiful and strong women of their time who had suddenly risen powerfully in the past decade and were legends in their own right throughout the Vast Thousand Domains. There were rumors that the [Fatally Beautiful Fairy] was somehow connected to the Four Stars Sect, but no one had heard anything about the successor of White Jade Capital forming an alliance with the Human Race headquarters.

These two gorgeous women were as beautiful as fairies, but the energy waves created from their attacks were extremely powerful, comparable to the fierce ongoing battle between Spokesperson Li and the sect master of Four Stars Sect. The remnants of their energy waves radiated outwards and slashed the surrounding clouds into pieces.

"How could they be so powerful?"

"They are already as powerful as some sect masters."

"They are geniuses who emerged from their generation."

Various sighs and exclamations could be heard from the crowd and several elderly heroes felt as though the young generation had risen to take their place. This was no longer their era.

Many others focused on Ye Qingyu who continued...

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