1096 – Their Individual Trump Cards

Chapter 1096 – Their Individual Trump Cards


As expected, the first challenger was someone from the Seven Sons who had haughtily proclaimed that they would crush Ye Qingyu under their feet. His sword radiance was like lightning and seemed like it could kill instantly while his cultivation was indeed very terrifying.

However, Ye Qingyu showed no signs of countering with an attack of his own.

A ray of flowing light appeared behind him and his sword moved gracefully to block Meng Wuyou.

"I'm Lin Yutang from the Human Race headquarters and I'll be challenging you," a clear voice rang out.

The person who had attacked was one of the leaders of the White-robed Divine Guards, Lin Yutang.

Clink! Clink! Clink!

Countless sword lights clashed loudly against each other.

Sparks flew everywhere.

They moved apart after the initial clash.

They were evenly matched after the initial exchange of blows.

"Lin Yutang? Leader Lin Yutang, have you pledged your allegiance to this crazed demon Ye Qingyu as well?" The sect master of the Four Stars Sect said angrily, "Are the White-robed Divine Guards in cahoots with Ye Qingyu to do evil?"

He was a middle-aged man with black beard and hair and who looked very authoritative. He was dressed in bright red ancient robes and looked very imposing. When he spoke,...

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