1095 - Start of a Great Battle

Chapter 1095 Start of a Great Battle


The Four Stars Sect took a hardline stance and it was obvious that they would battle Ye Qingyu head-on.

No one was surprised by their reaction.

The moment this situation intensified, there was no party who was absolutely right, and the Four Stars Sect was definitely not about to initiate a compromise in the midst of such a conflict. Both the elders who had held their positions for centuries and their disciples were all extremely arrogant. Their pride would not allow them to compromise without a fight. They were enraged by this sudden challenge and Ye Qingyu had clearly singled them out with his message, so everyone at the Four Stars Sect treated this as an unforgivable crime.

As for the crimes they had committed against Ye Qingyu and the Heaven Wasteland Domain——

Haha, that was just the strong punishing the weak. Wasn't it what they had deserved?

"No one has dared to challenge us for several millennia. Haha, I guess the people in the current era have yet to experience the power and might of the Four Stars Sect for themselves. Ye Qingyu is destined to be a withered bone at the foot of our mountain."

"Killing Ye Qingyu will be as simple as killing a dog."

"He has become way too haughty."

"Those who dare to challenge us will be destined to die and will have to pay for their crimes with their blood."

Since the Four Stars Holy Girl made her statement, the elders of the Four Stars Sect also issued...

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