1094 - Subjugate the Four Stars Sect

Chapter 1094, Subjugate the Four Stars Sect


The alliance between the Dragon Human Race and the Heaven Wasteland Empire had been made clear to the world. The two domains, one new and one old, had a great relationship with the Human Race. It was only now that the forces of other domains understood that the so-called invasion of the Dragon Tooth Army into Heaven Wasteland Domain was just a disguise for the Heaven Wasteland Empire to eradicate the rebellions. It was rumoured that Ye Qingyu had once helped the Dragonblood imperial court to root out the loose alliance...  

And the strategy between the Dragon Human Race’s War God, Xu Wuya, and the Dragon Human Emperor was finally revealed to the world. The so-called betrayal of the Dragon Tooth Army was simply false and was made to deceive other people. The loose alliance could be said to have suffered a heavy loss. The vassals had been completely eradicated by the Dragon Human Emperor through ruthless methods. Now the Dragon Human Domain had established itself, and the status of the Human Race had greatly increased and began to quickly restore its strength and power. 

At the same time, the Little Dragon Girl Zhou Yuexin and her beloved had successfully married. She had sent an invitation to Ye Qingyu, but unfortunately he had disappeared already...

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