1093 - The profound meaning of time

Chapter 1093, The profound meaning of time


Very soon Ye Qingyu realized that the [Supreme Ice Flame]] indeed had a natural restraint on the force of darkness. He could feel with his divine sense the terror of the blood of the Demon Lord. Facing this drop of blood that had been dried up for tens of millions of years, Ye Qingyu even felt more terrified than facing Quasi-emperor Mushan and the Quasi-emperor of the Four Stars Sect. Fortunately, under the force of the [Supreme Ice Flame], the dark blood was fully trapped within it.  

The wisps of dark blood, under the stimulation of the [Supreme Ice Flame]], suddenly vibrated and produced demonic roars. The strands of black light that were as fine as strands of hair were struggling frantically like vicious python dragons, and as though it had sensed the presence of Ye Qingyu's divine sense, let out a mad roar and sped towards the location of where Ye Qingyu’s divine sense body was. 

“Suppress! Gather! Ignite!”

Ye Qingyu's divine sense body bellowed, forming three hand seals consecutively, and struck out three ancient formation symbols. 

These three ancient words were symbols of the secret technique of the...

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