1092 - Blood-soaked dragon tooth

Chapter 1092, Blood-soaked Dragon Tooth


The tooth of the Dragon God?  

Ye Qingyu couldn't help asking, “Is there really a Dragon God in this world?” 

“Of course, the Three Emperors are the Gods of the Human Race, the Dragon God is naturally the God of the Dragon Race. Back in the God and Devil Age, the Dragon Race was a great race of the world, possessed remarkable strength, and was not in the slightest inferior to the Fiendgods. The Dragon God could be said to be one of the strongest existence between the heavens and earth,” Wang Jianru explained.

“In that case, how could his tooth become an object of great evil? And who is the Demon Lord?’ Ye Qingyu was very interested in some of the secrets of the God and Devil Age. 

Wang Jianru explained, “In the God and Devil Age, there were God Emperors and Fiendgods, the strongest existences between Heaven and earth. They had once dominated the fate of tens of thousands of creatures, as well as dominated the history of the world. But in the most glorious times of the God and Devil Age, the foreign heavenly demons of darkness descended, wiped out everything, and even the God Emperor, Fiendgod, and the Dragon God were defeated. The ruler...

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