1091 - See the female sword immortal again

Chapter 1091, See the female sword Immortal again


But compared to before, this human's strength was many times stronger. The Snow Dragon King was puzzled, and a little unsure. Although he hibernated every year, he could still perceive the outside world. Only around ten years had passed, but why was it that this human's strength had unexpectedly reached this level, and he simply couldn’t clearly see through the white-robed youngster before him. Facing him, it was as though the Snow Dragon King was facing a ripple-less abyss, which made him shudder with fear from the soul. 

“Snow Dragon King, we meet again.” 

Ye Qingyu greeted him with a smile.  

That year his lucky opportunity was obtained from the Snow Dragon’s lair, thus in a way, the Snow Dragons were also one of his benefactors.

“It really is you?” The Snow Dragon King exclaimed. 

He was certain now.  

“How could your strength improve this much... could you really be the reincarnation of the Dragon God?” 

It really was unbelievable. 

After a careful detection, the Snow Dragon King found that, from Ye Qingyu's body, there really were wisps of the aura of a True Dragon. 

But soon, he chose to surrender. 

“I came to meet someone,” Ye Qingyu said, walking towards...

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