1090 - Meeting at the Snow dragon’s lair

Chapter 1090, Meeting at the Snow dragon’s lair


Ye Qingyu had just casually asked, who would have thought that Song Qingluo actually gave a positive answer.  

“Song Xiaojun she... is she in Heaven Wasteland Domain?” Ye Qingyu stared at Song Qingluo, eagerly waiting for her answer. 

Song Qingluo shook his head. 

He could not help sighing inwardly. 

He indeed had always been thinking about Song Xiaojun. Was this the so-called fate? 

Until now, Song Qingluo still could not figure out how her little sister, who was always in a daze and without any feminine charm, captured the heart of this God-like young man. There were so many stunningly beautiful women, but they could not be compared to the relationship he had with Song Xiaojun for just a semester?

After experiencing so many things and so many changes, how would Ye Qingyu's shadow not be in Song Qingluo's heart? This young man was really too remarkable. Any woman who sees him, no matter how excellent and proud they were, in the end would most likely find it difficult to free themselves from his smile and his gentle and sweet words.

When Song Qingluo was a student, she saw nothing worthwhile and in the beginning also...

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