1089 - Old friend

Chapter 1089, Old friend


In the Light Palace. 

A white-clothed Ye Qingyu was sat opposite the empress, who had changed into ordinary clothes, talking and laughing. 

The empress was personally making tea. Her movements were elegant, her smile was like the flowers in spring, and she did not have the slightest of her usual noble and majestic air. She looked more like a loving wife.  

After several years of cultivation, Yu Xiaoxing's spirit, energy and qi had improved massively. The imperial qi that was exhausted in the Battle of the Chaos Storm had been completely restored, and her cultivation base had grown to the Saint realm. This was related to the cultivation resources that she had received, but also to the tides of spiritual qi in Heaven Wasteland Domain——The domain gate opened, and the spiritual aura of Heaven Wasteland Domain had increased dramatically, and thus the power of all living beings was growing rapidly. 

“Now besides the northeast White Mountain Black Water territory, the other territories are still firmly under the control of the Empire. The Dragon Tooth Army of the Dragon Human Race’s God of War, Xu Wuya, broke into the domain and first entered into the Northeast territory, and now had completely wiped out the rebellious Brute Race of the northeast. Those forces that support...

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