1088 - The Empress chamber

Chapter 1088, The Empress chamber

The dark aura in the Dragon cave gradually dissipated away. 

The dark soul of the Great Ancient Dragon Emperor had been sealed, the formation present could no longer function, as a result those Dragon Human Race skeletons that had crawled out of the grave and were no longer suppressed by the [Cloud Top Cauldron], also went still and lifeless, and lost consciousness. The eyes of the four remaining Dragon Human Emperor corpses were flashing red, but they did not charge over again. 

The white Bone Dragon Bloodworm Puppet roared excitedly, absorbing the dark aura in the air in big mouthfuls. This power, to it, was like nutrients. It was born with the ability to devour and assimilate, and did not have to worry about being affected by the dark forces. 

Ye Qingyu appeared beside the Dragon Human Emperor.  

“Your Majesty doesn’t look too good,” Ye Qingyu said, taking out a Deathlike Pill, “Take this pill, it will relieve your symptoms.”

“Thank you Mister Ye Qingyu.” The Dragon Human Emperor did not hesitate to take the pill, and immediately a gush of heat began circulating around his body, powerful life force spread out and poured into his bones and limbs. Although unable to move his body, he could still clearly feel that his body was rapidly improving.

“Your Majesty is too polite.” Ye Qingyu smiled. 


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