1087 - Rest in peace

Chapter 1087, Rest in peace


“If it were in normal conditions, I naturally would be no match for Granduncle.” The [Dragonblood Halberd] was quivering in the Supreme Emperor’s hand, producing the cry of a dragon, “But for today's fight, the Dragon Human Race has been preparing for a long time. I did not fake death but had really died. I died but am not dead, just for today's battle.” 

The Great Ancient Dragon Emperor looked shocked. 

The next moment, understanding dawning on his face.  

“You... have become the spirit of the ancestral weapon? You have turned your essence, yuan qi, flesh and blood into energy and injected into the [Dragonblood Halberd], you... I understand.” The Great Ancient Dragon Emperor was shaken. 

“It's not just me,” the Supreme Emperor added. 

Before his voice faded.

The [Dragonblood Halberd] in his hand suddenly burst out rays of scarlet red light, which then transformed into different figures. They were experts of the Dragon Human Race, all tall and burly, and with a purple-gold dragon horn on their head. All were clad in a dragon robe armour and Emperor crown. Their imposing manner and strength was not in the slightest weaker than the Supreme Emperor, and several of them seemed to be peerless experts. 

Including the Supreme Emperor, there was a total of eight figures. 

Each figure...

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