1085 - Common people sword

Chapter 1085, Life sword


The sound of the air being pieced could be heard behind him.

Ye Qingyu spun around only to see that the eight Dragon Human Emperor corpses had unexpectedly recovered. There was not the slightest injury or damage on them, like torn puppets were re-stitched. They were flowing all over with black energy as they charged over once again. 


Ye Qingyu was a little shocked. 

They could be restored even after being severed by the power of a Quasi-emperor? 

The qi of the emperor had such power?

Boom! Boom! Boom! 

Ye Qingyu was in a state of being besieged. 

“No wonder the Great Ancient Dragon Emperor had painstakingly tried to occupy the Dragon cave mausoleum. It seems that this place has great significance to him...” Ye Qingyu thought to himself, activating the qi of Quasi-emperor Mushan once again and slashed out again. 

Chi! Chi! Chi!

Endless sword light engulfed the eight Dragon Human Emperor corpses like stormy winds, before the storm of blades shredded them into fine powder. 

The fragments of corpses were fluttering in the space of the Dragon cave. 

Ye Qingyu withdrew his sword, but his expression did not relax. 

Because he could sense that, although the Dragon Human Emperor corpses had been destroyed, the eight tyrannical forces...

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