1084 - Dragon Emperor corpse

Chapter 1084, Dragon Emperor corpse


Evidently, in the eyes of the Great Ancient Dragon Emperor, among these eight intruders, there was only Ye Qingyu. As for the others... they were unable to withstand a single blow. 

“Let’s just battle.” Ye Qingyu erupted with killing intent. “Whether alive or dead, you will know after the battle. Since you murdered Mister Ren Puyang, then even if you hide in the underworld, I will come find you to kill you.”  

“Ren Puyang had just helped you a few times, is he worth you fighting to the death for him?” The voice of the Great Ancient Dragon Emperor was condescending and contained unmatched majesty. “In this vast world, there aren’t many that I pay attention to. If you’re willing to surrender to me, I can give you eternal life.” 

“Eternal life?” Ye Qingyu smiled mockingly. “This is the reason why you gave up the glory of the past and fell to the demonic side?” 

“Not give up, but picked up.” The Great Ancient Dragon Emperor said in an incomparably firm voice, “I have been enlightened. I have found the right way. The glory of the past is just as fleeting as passing clouds, only eternal life is the most important.”  

“How outstanding was the former Great Ancient Dragon Emperor, his power shook the Vast Thousand Domains....

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