1083 - Dragon cave

Chapter 1083, Dragon cave


In the ancestral tombs of the Dragon Human Race there were secrets left behind by its past emperors  and experts  were buried. And like the dragon tombs of legend, there were many treasures, but the place was known to be extremely dangerous. According to the Dragon Human Emperor, the experts of the Dragon Human Race could only enter the ancestral mausoleum at their absolute limit to choose a place to sleep. But now that the Great Ancient Dragon Emperor had occupied this place, it was as dangerous as a dragon cave.  

“To enter the ancestral mausoleum, there can only be a few people, thus the army cannot enter.” The Dragon Human Emperor explained, “So I want to ask Mister Ye Qingyu to help out, I will personally lead the elites of the Sky Dragon Guards to accompany Mister Ye Qingyu.” 

Ye Qingyu nodded, and after a thought, asked, “The strength of the Great Ancient Dragon Emperor, what realm is he at?” 

“This...” The Dragon Human Emperor shook his head. “I am not quite sure, but before he died he was already beyond the pinnacle of the Great Saint. I have previously sent four experts of the pinnacle of the Great Saint realm into the ancestral mausoleum, but...

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