1082 - The Great ancient dragon emperor

Chapter 1082, The Great ancient dragon emperor

“Mister Ye Qingyu, we finally meet.” 

The current Emperor of the Dragon Human Race smiled, his tone of voice was as though he was seeing an old friend. 

He was aware of Ye Qingyu's real strength and cultivation base. The battle of the mourning hall of the Domain Alliance obviously could not be concealed from the powerful Dragon Human Emperor. It was because he knew this that he was so respectful. The Vast Thousand Domains was a world of martial arts, where the strongest was well-respected. Given Ye Qingyu's strength, even in front of the Dragon Human Emperor, he was on equal level.  

The Emperor looked about thirty or forty years old, in his prime age, with a wide mouth and bright eyes, plumped cheeks and a straight nose. His long violet and gold hair hid a pair of gold-violet dragon horns. He exuded a powerful imposing manner, like a fierce general charging on the battlefield. 

Ye Qingyu along with the uneasy Zhou Yuexin entered into the main hall. 

In the main hall there was only the Dragon Human Emperor. The formations on the walls, stone pillars, the ground, carvings, steps and every place were in a state of invisibility. It was clear that the Dragon Human Emperor wanted to talk...

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