1081 - The dragon-human emperor

Chapter 1081, The Dragon Human emperor

The young girl expert of the Seven Fingers Race? 

Ye Qingyu immediately reacted over when he heard this. The so-called young girl expert was no doubt Shui Xiu. After the divine sword was returned, Ge Ming had said that he would allow Shui Xiu to cultivate again to compete with the present age, and that she would even become a martial arts emperor. He was full of confidence at that time. Ye Qingyu did not expect that Shui Xiu had become famous so quickly. 


Ye Qingyu passed the message. 

Zhou Yuexin offered a price and bought the information about the young girl expert of the Seven Fingers Race. 

The innkeeper, with one glance, knew that a big customer had come this time. 

“We also have information here on Ye Qingyu, the [Ice Sword Killing God] of the Human Race, who has been causing an uproar in recent times. It is extremely detailed, there are even information on the recent battle in the mourning hall of the Domain Alliance temple. I wonder if you need it? If you’re interested in Heaven Wasteland Domain, you must focus on this person.” The innkeeper began to sell hard. “Buy.”

Ye Qingyu also wanted to know how much truth was leaked out of the battle in the mourning hall. 

Zhou Yuexin stuck out her tongue, thinking that this Mister Ye Qingyu...

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