1080 - The Re-Emergence of the Seven-Fingered People

Chapter 1080 - The Re-Emergence of the Seven-Fingered People


Currently, the domain of the Dragon Human Race was divided into three parts. There was a loose alliance between the high-ranking officials of the border regions, the Dragonblood Dynasty, and the War God Xu Wuya, who had splintered away from the current Dragon Emperor due to a conflict of interests. These three major factions ruled the domain, and it was apt to describe the current situation of this race as chaotic.

These three major factions could be considered rivals.

The places that Ye Qingyu had been to—the small chaotic city, Dragon Scale Province, and currently, Snow Dragon Province—belonged to the loose alliance of border regions, but strictly speaking, the Ancient Dragon Emperor should have belonged to the Dragonblood Dynasty. This felt a little strange for Ye Qingyu. Since the three factions were rivals, why would the Ancient Dragon Emperor and people from the loose alliance end up plotting to kill Ren Puyang together?

Also, where should they even begin to search for the Ancient Dragon Emperor?

Rumor had it that the Ancient Dragon Emperor was buried in the ancestral Dragon Tomb after he died. It was located in the divine underground cave beneath Peerless Dragon City, the capital city of the Dragonblood Dynasty....

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