1079 - The Real Mastermind

Chapter 1079 - The Real Mastermind


"Who are you?"

Zhang Wuxin's expression had turned gloomy. 

An invisible force was slowly diffusing into the air of the secret chamber.

"You can stop wasting your effort," Ye Qingyu remarked. Of course, he had observed this Dragon Human channeling his qi. "I've already slain Wei Wubing and searched his soul. Maybe you're slightly stronger than him, but you'll end up just like he did. Tell me what I want to know honestly, and perhaps I can let you die a quick and painless death." 

But before his voice had died down— 


There was a low growl, and a ray of white light shot out from Zhang Wuxin's palm. 

It was a bone spur.

It contained an alarming magical force, and it was flying toward Ye Qingyu like a bolt of lightning.

Ye Qingyu exhaled. 

A breath of icy qi shot out from his mouth, instantly freezing the incoming spur. It turned into white dust, which soon dissipated into the surrounding air.


Zhang Wuxin split himself into three mirror images and appeared in an instant before Ye Qingyu. His palms had transformed into knives of white bone, and he slashed at the intruder. This was no longer a martial arts technique of the Dragon Human Race. Evidently, Zhang Wuxin had long realized that it would...

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