1078 - Transforming the Devil into a Spirit

Chapter 1078 - Transforming the Devil into a Spirit


"I saw this person at Lord Xu Wuya's side before," Zhou Tingyu said. He had eventually decided to speak the truth after hesitating for a while. "He's one of Lord Xu Wuya's three most trusted lieutenants and has served at his side for many years. He's known as Zhang Wuxin, and we served in the same unit previously."

Zhang Wuxin?

The trusted lieutenant of Xu Wuya, the Dragon Human Race's War God?

Ye Qingyu's expression changed a little.

The answer given to him was beyond his original expectations.

Ye Qingyu recalled that in the memories that the Puppet Bloodworm had collected from Wei Wubing, Zhang Wuxin had taken part in the sneak attack against Ren Puyang. If he was one of Xu Wuya's men, did it mean that the War God of the Dragon Human Race was one of the masterminds behind Ren Puyang's assassination?

"From what you've just told me, this Zhang Wuxin should be with Xu Wuya now, right?" Ye Qingyu questioned Zhou Tingyu further.

Zhou Tingyu did not know why Ye Qingyu was so concerned about this, but continued to reply to him truthfully, "Not exactly. Lord Xu Wuya is fond of giving his men opportunities. As long as they are truly capable, he'll place them in important positions, regardless of their background or race. Take me for example. I was merely an ordinary citizen of the Dragon Human Race and a personal guard of his. His testimonial allowed me to take up the post of commander of the shock troops in Dragon Scale Province. Zhang Wuxin...

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