1077 – Recognition

Chapter 1077 – Recognition


What was he doing here?

Zhou Yuexin was completely astonished. When she met Ye Qingyu in the courtyard earlier, he looked like a nobleman without any martial cultivation who had fallen on hard times. Yet, from Xu Xuesheng's reaction after this man's appearance, could this young human man be a powerful expert?

However, there was only a limited number of Human Race experts throughout the Dragon Human Domain, so when did such a powerful expert emerge from their midst?

The same question had also popped into Xu Xuesheng's head.

"You… May I know who you are?" The governor of Dragon Scale Province was afraid and trembled in fear. He tried to put on a brave front and asked, "Why are you meddling in the affairs of the Dragon Human Race?" Before he knew it, he had already started to speak to this young man politely.

Ye Qingyu smiled as he replied, "Meddling in the affairs of the Dragon Human Race? You're wrong. I have no interest in that."

Xu Xuesheng let out a small sigh of relief at his words. He would be able to stage a comeback as long as this mysterious expert did not attack him.

Then, Ye Qingyu tacked on an additional line, "All I want… is to kill you."

"You… Why?" Xu Xuesheng's face turned pale and fear was written all over his face.

"Because I'm part of the Human Race." Ye Qingyu clearly placed an emphasis on every...

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