1077 Recognition

Chapter 1077 – Recognition


What was he doing here?

Zhou Yuexin was completely astonished. When she met Ye Qingyu in the courtyard earlier, he looked like a nobleman without any martial cultivation who had fallen on hard times. Yet, from Xu Xuesheng's reaction after this man's appearance, could this young human man be a powerful expert?

However, there was only a limited number of Human Race experts throughout the Dragon Human Domain, so when did such a powerful expert emerge from their midst?

The same question had also popped into Xu Xuesheng's head.

"You… May I know who you are?" The governor of Dragon Scale Province was afraid and trembled in fear. He tried to put on a brave front and asked, "Why are you meddling in the affairs of the Dragon Human Race?" Before he knew it, he had already started to speak to this young man politely.

Ye Qingyu smiled as he replied, "Meddling in the affairs of the Dragon Human Race? You're wrong. I have no interest in that."

Xu Xuesheng let out a small sigh of relief at his words. He would be able to stage a comeback as long as this mysterious expert did not attack him.

Then, Ye Qingyu tacked on an additional line, "All I want… is to kill you."

"You… Why?" Xu Xuesheng's face turned pale and fear was written all over his face.

"Because I'm part of the Human Race." Ye Qingyu clearly placed an emphasis on every word.

The answer was simple, but at the same time, it sealed Xu Xuesheng's fate and he was forced to swallow all the excuses that he had wanted to make. He was rendered speechless because he knew that this human expert had already heard what he said earlier, and during this period, he had been slaughtering humans in Hidden Dragon City, so his hands were stained with their blood. Therefore, this human expert would not let him off.

Battle cries burst forth from all directions.

Countless figures charged forward. These soldiers were all clad in black armor, each carrying a huge shield on their backs, as they came toward him like a huge black wave. There were at least five to six thousand of them and the Flying Dragon Army also circled the air, protecting Xu Xuesheng.

"It won't be so easy to kill me," Xu Xuesheng said darkly with a sinister expression on his face.

He secretly exerted several Saint weapons.

As the highest-ranked governor of Dragon Scale Province, he controlled large amounts of wealth and resources. Most people were unaware that he was a martial expert, he even managed to keep this a secret from Zhou Tingyu, so no one would expect him to have all kinds of trump cards and secret weapons.

"Kill. Men, kill him!" he shouted and directed his men to charge at Ye Qingyu.

Ye Qingyu shook his head and casually waved his hand to send out a dazzling ray of sword light.

Hundreds of experts from the Shield Army who charged toward him were caught in this sword light and immediately turned into white snow that floated away in the Void. No blood had been spilled but it was enough to shock everybody. This was an incredibly terrifying technique and they were stunned that he could kill without bloodshed, as though he was an Immortal.

"Kill. Activate the military formation and kill him!" Xu Xuesheng yelled in fright.

He knew that he had encountered a truly formidable Human Race expert today and he was suddenly gripped by terror. He was secretly retreating even as he commanded his troops to charge forward.

Formation markings circulated in the Void.

The experts of the Shield Army used their shields to lay out a formation and connected their black shields to form a large black wall. There were many inscriptions engraved on their shields, and at first glance, they looked like they were merely for decorative purposes. But after these shields were connected, these inscriptions came together to form a perfect formation. A boundless and frightening force started to circulate in their midst.

"Attack them now before they complete their formation." Zhou Tingyu, who was seriously injured, knew exactly how powerful the Shield Army's formation could be and could not help issuing a loud warning. But the moment he opened his mouth, black blood gushed out from it once again.

Ye Qingyu ignored him.

He studied the military formation with interest.

This was an interesting idea.

There were seven types of inscriptions on the shield, and a minimum of three shields would be required to form a small formation and varying combinations of three could produce seven kinds of ordinary formations. But when hundreds of thousands of shields were connected, they could form a large formation that had no end in sight. The power of the formation aside, this train of thought was very novel and his eyes lit up. He felt as though a whole new world had opened up to him.

Therefore, he examined this formation very carefully.

"Hey, watch out. Don't drag it out for too long," Zhou Yuexin reminded him, afraid that this white-robed young man would lose his advantage if he continued to wait it out.

Ye Qingyu turned to smile at this kind-hearted Dragon Human.

Then, the Shield Army had finally completed their perfect formation.


A black dragon that was several thousand meters long appeared from the formation and circled around the Void. Then, it charged down at Ye Qingyu ferociously, as though it was about to swallow him whole and kill him.

"Watch out!" Zhou Yuexin issued a warning, her face pale with terror.

Zhou Tingyu's face had also gone pale.

This was a black dragon that was transformed from the powers of thousands of elite Dragon Human soldiers, so it was extremely frightening and could destroy heaven and earth. This Human Race expert had ultimately dallied too long...

These were the thoughts that ran through his head, but his jaw suddenly dropped open in shock the next moment.

Zhou Yuexin, who was supporting him, was also completely dumbfounded.

Even though his opponent was a long black dragon, Ye Qingyu casually waved his hand through the air once more to send out a ray of sword light. It shone blindingly as it hurtled through the air and the huge black dragon shadow immediately disappeared as though it was gone with the wind, with not a trace of its former strength remaining.

Snow danced through the Void.

This destructive black dragon, which looked like it could bring about the apocalypse, was turned into snow with one slash of his sword.

The sky was so bright that it did not seem real.

"How could this be?" Xu Xuesheng, who was under the protection of his guards, turned pale with despair.

How could this human expert be so incredibly strong? This was the Shield Army's [Black Dragon God-Killing Formation], yet this human expert had managed to destroy it with a simple wave of his hand. Could... he be a Great Saint expert?

"It's time to end this." Ye Qingyu attacked again and slashed out with his sword.

Xu Xuesheng did not even have time to react before his head was already sent flying up into the sky. Astonishment was written all over his face as it sailed through the sky, as though he did not know up until the very end that he was already dead.

That dazzling ray of sword light seemed as though it had the power to destroy everything in its way.

Zhou Tingyu and his daughter froze in stunned silence.

"I will spare those who surrender!" Ye Qingyu's voice rang out authoritatively throughout the Commander's residence.

The remaining thousands of soldiers from the Shield Army stared at each other in horror.

Countless soldiers from the Flying Dragon Army charged down from the sky.

"Let's avenge the Prince's death!"

"We must kill that damn human!"

Several soldiers from the Flying Dragon Army were enraged and wanted to seek revenge.

Ye Qingyu shook his head and two rays of purple divine splendor shot out from his eyes like divine swords. All the soldiers who came into contact with this purple divine splendor were immediately turned to dust that scattered in the wind.

He exuded such divine authority that it did not seem like he was a mortal being.

"I don't wish to kill everyone," he said as he turned to Zhou Tingyu. An invisible force surged out of him and entered Zhou Tingyu's body. Before Zhou Tingyu knew it, his wounds were healed and that unwanted black force was destroyed.

"Many thanks." Zhou Tingyu's strength immediately returned.

He understood what Ye Qingyu had meant earlier. If the Shield Army and the Flying Dragon Army continued to resist, Ye Qingyu would wipe out both armies, and based on what he had seen, this Human Race expert definitely had the power to do so.

"Why are you still not surrendering? What are you waiting for?" Zhou Tingyu shouted.

As the commander of the Destroyer Army, he was a commanding presence in the military. The Flying Dragon Army and the Shield Army finally chose to surrender after being confronted with the authoritative figures of both Zhou Tingyu and Ye Qingyu.

Commander Zhou's residence was no longer in danger.

"I'll help you subdue all resistance from the Flying Dragon Army and the Shield Army and kill all those who put up any resistance throughout the Dragon Scale Province. You'll be the governor of Dragon Scale Province from now on," he said.

Zhou Tingyu was shocked by his words.

"You... Why did you choose me?" he asked. He already guessed that Ye Qingyu was not here by chance and that he was probably here on a mission, but he did not expect Ye Qingyu to help him vanquish all his enemies and appoint him as the governor of Dragon Scale Province.

He was very surprised and felt that this was an unbelievably good stroke of luck. He was absolutely sure that becoming the governor of Dragon Scale Province was not a pipe dream if he had the support of this powerful expert.

"Probably because of the ten thousand humans you've rescued and sheltered in your backyard," Ye Qingyu said with a smile. "If you are in charge of Dragon Scale Province, you won't treat the humans here unkindly."

Zhou Tingyu immediately agreed with his reasoning.

He believed in Ye Qingyu's words.

Thus, he ultimately accepted Ye Qingyu's assistance.

Any hot-blooded male would want to achieve greatness during times of chaos. And Zhou Tingyu was not just an ordinary male, but he was also a general. Naturally, a general would be ambitious. In this way, he would not only be able to protect the Human Race, but he could also protect the Dragon Human Race from being affected by the internal chaos raging outside and create a safe sanctuary for them all.

What happened next was very straightforward.

Under Ye Qingyu's protection, Zhou Tingyu left the city to arrive at the Destroyer Army camp and saved his troops, who were facing attacks from the Flying Dragon Army and the Shield Army. Then, they launched a counterattack on both their military camps. Ye Qingyu was invincible wherever he went and killed the Dragon Human Race experts who dared to resist him. Zhou Tingyu gained complete control over these two standing troops with Ye Qingyu's assistance.

Then, Hidden Dragon City was also swept up in the bloodshed.

"I want an explanation."

These were the exact words that Ye Qingyu said to Zhou Tingyu.

During this period, the Dragon Human Race had massacred and captured many humans. He could let those ordinary soldiers off the hook, but those cruel Dragon Human noblemen whose hands were stained with the blood of many humans had to pay the price for their actions.

Zhou Tingyu was definitely not someone who would show mercy to the weak.

At the same time, he wanted to use this chance to get rid of the noblemen alliance in this province and kill all of Xu Xuesheng's loyal subjects. Now that he had gained control over the three regular armies of Dragon Scale Province with Ye Qingyu's help, he had nothing to fear. The entire province was cleansed by the sword, and within a single night, all the elderly noblemen who had oppressed the Human Race were killed; no one was spared.

The next day, the sun shone brightly and the sky was bright and clear.

The scent of blood still wafted through the air in Hidden Dragon City, but the city had undergone a complete change.

A series of laws were issued and proclaimed throughout the city.

The Human Race would be under governmental protection.

The dust had finally settled.

In the great hall at Commander Zhou's residence—

"Many thanks for your help." Zhou Tingyu was elated with his success now that he had control of the province, but he still bowed respectfully to Ye Qingyu.

He had only battled alongside Ye Qingyu for one night and half a day, but that was enough for him to see how terrifyingly powerful this Human Race expert was. It had also completely overturned his perception of the Human Race's martial way. No matter how strong their opponents were, no one was able to handle one move from this Human Race expert, who could send out a ray of dazzling sword light with a wave of his hand to destroy everything in sight. There seemed no end to his power, and Zhou Tingyu felt like he was standing on a mountain peak trying to decipher the depths of a deep pool below.

Ye Qingyu nodded.

"Do you know this man?" He tapped the Void and a picture of a Dragon Human expert appeared in it. This Dragon Human expert was dressed in his armor, and the picture only showed his side profile but his aura was incredibly realistic, as though he was standing in front of them.

This was part of Wei Wubing's memories that had been absorbed by the Puppet Bloodworm. This Dragon Human expert was one of the murderers who had killed Ren Puyang in the dark territory.

"Him?" Zhou Tingyu exclaimed in shock, clearly recognizing this man at once.

"Who is he?" Ye Qingyu asked.


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