1076 - Two-Legged Sheep

Chapter 1076 - Two-Legged Sheep


"Miss, shall we move these humans somewhere else?" one of her guards suggested.

Zhou Yuexin thought for a moment before she shook her head, "We can't go outside since their men would have definitely laid traps for us all around. The manor is completely besieged and kept under close watch by these men. We have sheltered so many humans that the moment we bring them out, they will immediately be discovered. In any case, there's nowhere else we can go since other than this manor, there is no other shelter for these humans."

"What should we do?"

"That's right. Miss, if these men barge in and discover that you've been providing them refuge, they would pin this crime on you."

"Yes, the crime of providing refuge to humans is not a petty crime. If these men manage to secure evidence, Prince Xu Xuesheng will definitely use this opportunity to attack the manor."

Her bodyguards chimed in one after another.

As the Commander's residence of one of the three main standing armies of Dragon Scale Province, they had always come under fire because of their stance toward the humans. In particular, the ruler of the Dragon Scale Province, Xu Xuesheng bore extreme hatred toward them and had always wanted to attack the manor, but because Zhou Tingyu used to be the elite guard of the current Dragon Human War God Xu Wuya and they were very close friends, Xu Xuesheng did not dare to attack the manor rashly.

Now that chaos had descended upon this land and it was ruled by three...

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