1075 – Zhou Yuexin

Chapter 1075 – Zhou Yuexin


He ultimately nodded in assent after he saw the look in Hao Jianren's eyes.

"Many thanks, my lord. Many thanks…" Hao Jianren was overcome with joy.

Hidden Dragon City was approximately ten thousand kilometers away from this small chaotic city, but Ye Qingyu was so powerful that he could travel this distance in a flash.

He immediately made his way past the guards at the city gates and appeared in a quiet alley in the city.

"I can smell the scent of blood," Hao Jianren said in surprise and fear.

Ye Qingyu remained silent.

In fact, the scent of blood wafted through the entire city. The city was extremely large, even larger than Snow Capital of Heaven Wasteland Domain, but it was very chaotic, even more so than the small city. He could see many human corpses that had been abandoned on the streets. The humans seemed to be treated even worse than dogs and pigs in this city.

Signs of chaos and panic could be seen throughout the city.

Those in the Human Race in this city were treated more miserably than in the small city.

"Master, this place feels a little familiar," the Puppet Bloodworm said telepathically. "I'm sure that Wei Wubing was here when he was alive."

He was...

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