1074 - Men Were Treated like Ants in Times of Chaos

Chapter 1074 - Men Were Treated like Ants in Times of Chaos


Since Ye Qingyu was part of the Human Race, he would also be targeted by the Dragon Human soldiers.

However, he was so strong that as long as he didn't want to be captured, those Dragon Human soldiers weren't able to spot him even if he was right under their noses. 

This small city had already descended into utter chaos.

The corpses of the various races were scattered all over the streets and the Human Race made up the majority of these corpses. The Dragon Human Domain was a multiracial domain but it was governed solely by the Dragon Human Race. It was rumored that this domain was formed from the remains of a divine Dragon King after his death. Thereafter, the first Dragon Humans appeared in this domain. They looked exactly the same as the Human Race but they had dragon horns that grew on their heads and they were born with the aura of the Dragon Race, so they were innately powerful. 

"Don't let him get away…"

Footsteps pounded ahead. 

Six Dragon Human soldiers were in pursuit of a young man of the Human Race.

That young man was barely clothed and he looked a little malnourished as he stumbled down the streets. He was injured and didn't look where he was headed in his moment of panic, so he was cornered in a dead end. His face filled with fear...

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