1074 - Men Were Treated like Ants in Times of Chaos

Chapter 1074 - Men Were Treated like Ants in Times of Chaos


Since Ye Qingyu was part of the Human Race, he would also be targeted by the Dragon Human soldiers.

However, he was so strong that as long as he didn't want to be captured, those Dragon Human soldiers weren't able to spot him even if he was right under their noses. 

This small city had already descended into utter chaos.

The corpses of the various races were scattered all over the streets and the Human Race made up the majority of these corpses. The Dragon Human Domain was a multiracial domain but it was governed solely by the Dragon Human Race. It was rumored that this domain was formed from the remains of a divine Dragon King after his death. Thereafter, the first Dragon Humans appeared in this domain. They looked exactly the same as the Human Race but they had dragon horns that grew on their heads and they were born with the aura of the Dragon Race, so they were innately powerful. 

"Don't let him get away…"

Footsteps pounded ahead. 

Six Dragon Human soldiers were in pursuit of a young man of the Human Race.

That young man was barely clothed and he looked a little malnourished as he stumbled down the streets. He was injured and didn't look where he was headed in his moment of panic, so he was cornered in a dead end. His face filled with fear and despair.

"I'm going to fight all of you to the death…" that young man howled madly. "You captured my parents, then my brothers and sisters who all died in the army camp. I'd rather die than be a dog serving you Dragon Humans!" 

"Ha ha ha…." 

The Dragon Human soldiers laughed loudly.

"The Human Race is already doomed… even your spokesperson is already dead." 

"The Prime Minister wants to launch an attack on the Human Race of Heaven Wasteland Domain and all of you human parasites have been living on our land and feeding off our resources. It is time for you humans to use your lowly lives to pay back what you've gained from our domain." 

The Dragon Human soldier who spoke was more muscular than an ordinary Human.

These Dragon Human soldiers were all clad in armor and were of Spirit Spring Stage cultivation. They looked savage and ferocious as they cornered that young man who had only attained the first body cultivation stage and toyed with him like a cat teasing a mouse.

"I'll fight all of you to the death…" the young man rushed at them like a madman when he realized that he was trapped in a hopeless situation. 

"Humph, how dare you defy our orders. Break his legs and bring him back to camp to feed the wolves," the leader of the group of Dragon Human soldiers said with a cold smirk.

A Dragon Human soldier charged out extremely quickly. 

His body surged with powerful strength.

That young man was already sent flying by that soldier's energy waves even before he managed to reach the Dragon Human soldiers. He crashed against the wall and blood spurted from his mouth. He lost his will to fight and slumped despairingly against the wall with his eyes closed. 

"Dad, mum, brothers and sisters, I'll be joining you soon enough…" he muttered to himself in defeat.

However, the intense pain he had expected did not come. 

Several breaths later, that young man opened his eyes in confusion.

To his disbelief, he saw that those Dragon Human soldiers were already knocked out and lay motionless on the ground like dead dogs. A young warrior who was clad in a long white robe looked at him with a smile. 

He was really handsome.

This was that young man's first thought when he saw that warrior. Not a single speck of dirt got on that warrior and his robes and he was so bright that he seemed completely unlike that humans who lived in the Dragon Human Domain. At the very least, that young man had never seen a Human Race who was so clean throughout the entire Dragon Human Domain that he resembled a nobleman. 

"Are you alright?" the young warrior asked.

"Ah, I… am fine…" the young man stuttered out. He looked carefully at that warrior and realized that the young warrior was truly of the Human Race and relaxed slightly when he didn't see any dragon horns on the warrior's head. He felt that this young warrior exuded an authority that he couldn't put into words. Even the Dragon Human City Lord of this small city didn't seem as authoritative as that young warrior. 

"Who are you?" the young man asked after he had calmed down.

He could already guess that this young warrior was his savior who knocked those Dragon Human soldiers out. 

"My last name is Ye. You may call me Ye Qingyu," the young warrior said with a smile. His smile seemed so warm that the young man found that he was suddenly no longer afraid. 

"I… I'm Hao Jianren. I…" The young man was still a little awkward around him but suddenly grew anxious at the thought of something and urged him, "Quick, we've got to get out of here. The Dragon Human Race have been capturing the humans and they want to round up all the humans in this city. The elderly, women and children have all become food for their wolves while the healthy men are made to be laborers and cannon fodder…"

Ye Qingyu nodded, "I know. You should come with me."

This city wasn't very big so after Ye Qingyu released his divine sense, he immediately grasped all that was unfolding throughout the city. He brought Hao Jianren around the city with him and soon rescued many humans who were pursued by the Dragon Race soldiers. Then, he went to the manor of the City Lord and rescued all the humans who were held captive within. The cruel deeds that were done to the humans in the City Lord's manor enraged Ye Qingyu so much that he wiped out all the Dragon Humans in the manor. 

Hao Jianren was completely flabbergasted.

He had never imagined that such a powerful Human Race warrior could exist in this universe. 

Who exactly was this young warrior who called himself Ye Qingyu?

Hao Jianren wondered curiously. 

After he rescued all those humans, he brought them to a safe place, then he went to the military camp stationed outside the city.

"Lord Ye Qingyu, are you really going to barge in there?" Hao Jianren asked worriedly. "This military camp is many times more frightening than the City Lord's manor. There were true Dragon Human Race experts in this place and they're the regular troops from the Dragon Scale Province. There are more than a thousand soldiers inside… You must think twice before you act." 

Ye Qingyu smiled but didn't say anything else.

He walked toward the gates of the military camp.

Hao Jianren felt his legs give way, but he ultimately decided to follow him. 

"Halt! Who's there?" The Dragon Human soldier on duty at the lookout post asked as he spotted them. He noticed that they were humans soon after and immediately shot two large arrows toward them with the intent to kill. 

Hao Jianren shut his eyes in fear.

Ye Qingyu sent the arrows flying back at lightning speed toward these soldiers with a casual flick of his hand and those two Dragon Human soldiers on sentry duty were immediately shot down from the lookout post. The lookout post that was more than 20 meters tall was also shot through by the arrows and collapsed. 

"Enemy attack!" 

A sharp bugle call and cries of rage could be heard from the military camp.

Ye Qingyu had already smashed open the doors to the military camp and entered with his companion.

Then, he went on a killing rampage within the camp and crushed the large Dragon Human Race army as easily as though he was scything weeds. 

He saw many elderly and young humans who have been cruelly killed and their corpses were shredded by knives to be made into food for their wolves. There were also several humans who were still alive and were tied to wooden posts. Their legs and hands had been hacked off to feed the steeds of the Dragon Human military officials. These humans had been cruelly tortured and were in immense pain…

He saw more than five thousand  laborers and cannon fodder in this military camp and these people were barely clothed and were severely emaciated. Most of these laborers and cannon fodders were of the Human Race while a small minority were from the foreign races. 

"Who… Who are you?" The commanding officer of this military camp stumbled around and his face was full of despair and fear. This human who barged into their military camp was unbelievably strong and had wiped out their entire thousand-strong army in less than fifteen minutes.

Ye Qingyu reached out and the Dragon Human commanding officer sailed across the sky and into his clutches. 

His divine sense ruthlessly invaded the commanding officer's mind. 

Soon, he browsed through all the information contained in the commanding officer's memories.

"A plan to exterminate the race? They're planning to completely wipe out the Human Race from the Dragon Human Domain. The ruler of the Dragon Scale Province, Xu Xuesheng must be out of his mind…" his eyes shone brightly.

He gathered from this commanding officer's memories that the ruler of the Dragon Scale Province was an elder of the Dragonblood Dynasty and part of the royal family. This ruler had decreed that all the humans who lived in the Dragon Scale Province must be exterminated and ordered his men to use them as food for their steeds or cannon fodder. 

The Dragon Human Domain was in a state of anarchy since the Dragonblood Dynasty lost its ruling power. The rulers of the major provinces fought fiercely for land and resources so it was extremely chaotic and three major camps had emerged. The first was the imperial family of the Dragonblood Dynasty. Its power might have been diminished but its influence still remained so it ruled over large swathes of land and were still very powerful. The second was the Dragonblood Army led by their War God, Xu Wuya who occupied several cities of strategic importance while the third camp was an alliance formed by many elders of the Dragonblood Dynasty together with the officials and governors of the various provinces and lands at the frontier who wanted to completely overthrow the Dragonblood Dynasty to form a new order.

Besides these three major camps, there were other camps of varying sizes who also occupied some territory that launched many fierce attacks on each other. 

The Dragon Humans were also suffering immensely in this world of chaos, so the humans who were regarded as lower-class citizens under the ruling power fared even worse. This was especially true for territories that were under those who bore extreme hatred toward the Human Race like the ruler of the Dragon Scale Province Xu Xuesheng. He was an elderly Dragon Human who had lived for thousands of years and was someone who felt very strongly about the extermination of the Human Race throughout the Dragon Human Domain. 

He shook himself out of his reverie and returned to the small city.

He laid out a formation in the city to protect the surviving humans.

"Everything will change here soon. As long as you don't leave this city, you should be safe here for many months," he told these people. Then, he turned to Hao Jianren and said, "Don't tell anyone my name, do you understand?" 

Hao Jianren quickly nodded.

Ye Qingyu realized that despite the chaotic situation of the Dragon Human Domain, the true men of influence within the domain would definitely be very well-informed and might have already received news about the events at the Alliance of Domains mourning hall. If they knew of his arrival at the Dragon Human Domain, they would definitely flee and go into hiding so it would be very hard to find them all one at a time. He was also worried that those who plotted to murder Ren Puyang might have sensed that something was wrong and gone even deeper into hiding.

Therefore, he had to hide his identity for the time being. 

After he made the necessary arrangements for these humans, he turned to leave.

"Lord, my lord…" Hao Jianren ran after him and asked breathlessly, "My lord, where are you off to?" 

"Hidden Dragon City," he answered.

Hidden Dragon City was a large city within the Dragon Scale Province and was considered to be among the top fifty largest cities of the Dragon Human Domain. 

"My lord, could… you bring me along with you?" Hao Jianren asked. "I've been to Hidden Dragon City with my father and know a bit about the place. I've also heard of several Human Race experts within the city and might able to contact them when we're there. They might just be able to help you."

He looked hopefully at Ye Qingyu.

After the events earlier, Hao Jianren could tell that Ye Qingyu was a highly-skilled warrior and he wanted to remain by Ye Qingyu's side. He'd be happy to help Ye Qingyu, no matter how minor it might be, and also hoped to learn something from Ye Qingyu so that he wouldn't be at the mercy of the Dragon Humans in the future. Then, he would be able to protect his family and friends. 

He knew that if he missed this opportunity, he would probably not have another chance for the rest of his life. 

He was extremely nervous after he made his request.

Ye Qingyu looked at him and seemed a little hesitant.


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