1073 – White-Boned Earth Dragon War Bod

Chapter 1073 – White-boned Earth Dragon War Body


This thing was truly a moron. It’s thought process was like a single-cell organism. It did not even stop to consider the fact that he had already defeated and refined Wei Wubing, so why would its fate be any different?

Once again, he activated the [Storm Cauldron]. 

"Aah… Ow, ow, ow… This is going to kill me…" The Puppet Bloodworm shrieked in agony like a pig being slaughtered.

It tried to draw on its newly obtained strength to resist the [Storm Cauldron], but the formidable force of the [Storm Cauldron] crushed all its resistance. 

"Ah, impossible. What exactly is that thing? Human, how could you… Ah, stop, stop, stop. I surrender, I surrender…" The Puppet Bloodworm immediately admitted defeat in stark contrast to the "stubborn" Wei Wubing. This Puppet Bloodworm did not have any moral integrity to begin with, so the moment it knew that it could not defeat Ye Qingyu and it experienced a bit of pain, it immediately surrendered.

Ye Qingyu's face darkened as he continued to exert the [Storm Cauldron]. 

The Puppet Bloodworm continued to shriek like a pig being killed, frantically begging for mercy.

Ye Qingyu only stopped fifteen minutes later.

He wanted this Puppet Bloodworm to suffer and fear him. 

"Spill," Ye Qingyu said.

"I will, I will....

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