1073 White-Boned Earth Dragon War Bod

Chapter 1073 – White-boned Earth Dragon War Body


This thing was truly a moron. It’s thought process was like a single-cell organism. It did not even stop to consider the fact that he had already defeated and refined Wei Wubing, so why would its fate be any different?

Once again, he activated the [Storm Cauldron]. 

"Aah… Ow, ow, ow… This is going to kill me…" The Puppet Bloodworm shrieked in agony like a pig being slaughtered.

It tried to draw on its newly obtained strength to resist the [Storm Cauldron], but the formidable force of the [Storm Cauldron] crushed all its resistance. 

"Ah, impossible. What exactly is that thing? Human, how could you… Ah, stop, stop, stop. I surrender, I surrender…" The Puppet Bloodworm immediately admitted defeat in stark contrast to the "stubborn" Wei Wubing. This Puppet Bloodworm did not have any moral integrity to begin with, so the moment it knew that it could not defeat Ye Qingyu and it experienced a bit of pain, it immediately surrendered.

Ye Qingyu's face darkened as he continued to exert the [Storm Cauldron]. 

The Puppet Bloodworm continued to shriek like a pig being killed, frantically begging for mercy.

Ye Qingyu only stopped fifteen minutes later.

He wanted this Puppet Bloodworm to suffer and fear him. 

"Spill," Ye Qingyu said.

"I will, I will. Master, you're matchless in power and authority, and no one else has been as powerful as you since the ancient times. A worm like me must have done many good deeds in my past three lifetimes to have the honor of being your war pet…" The Puppet Bloodworm's attitude suddenly changed as it referred to itself as a worm and did its best to pour compliments on Ye Qingyu shamelessly. 

"Get straight to the point. You know what I'm after." Ye Qingyu did not go easy on it at all.

"Alright, alright," the worm replied. Then after some hesitation, it continued, "He is an Emperor-level Dark Demon, so I'll need some time to access his memories after I've absorbed him. This process is similar to how you humans awaken your blood, so… I don't really know much either. I…" 

Ye Qingyu's face hardened. "Are you trying to trick me?"

"No, no, no…" The little worm was frightened out of its wits as it hastily explained, "These memories are very fuzzy to me. I caught a glimpse of several scenes. Before he died, this Dark Demon had been plotting something… I can see him meeting with several creatures… they were plotting together… something about the Dragon Race… Oh yes, I heard the word 'dragonblood' being mentioned... Wait, these creatures aren't from the Dragon Race… they are humans who carry the aura of the Dragon Race… Hmm? Is there really such a race?" 

Ye Qingyu was extremely stunned by the Bloodworm's words.

Humans who carried the aura of the Dragon Race? 


The Dragon Human Race! 

Could the Dragon Human Race be involved in Ren Puyang's death?

This also meant that those who had joined forces and plotted with Wei Wubing to murder Ren Puyang definitely included experts of the Dragon Human Race. 

"The Dragon Human Race? Great, this saves me time. I was on my way to the Dragon Human Domain anyway, so I'll use this chance to conduct a thorough investigation. If they were truly part of the plot to murder Ren Puyang, this shows that the Dragon Human Race have completely gone over to the dark side. Then…" Ye Qingyu's eyes flashed with sharp killing intent and the temperature in the quiet room suddenly dropped while the light in the Void twisted.

The little worm in the [Storm Cauldron] trembled in fright, not daring to say anything else. 

He quickly reined in his emotions.

His gaze fell on the [Storm Cauldron]. 

"I can't always keep this worm captive in the [Storm Cauldron], but it has absorbed part of Wei Wubing's soul. This means that it has now obtained his cultivation and strength and even his memories, so it'd be a waste to kill it. This worm is weak and cowardly, afraid of the strong while bullying the weak. So it is relatively easy to control…" He mulled it over for a while, then an idea came to him.

"I've got a plan." 

He remembered Wei Wubing's large skeletal frame.

He summoned the white bones that he collected from the Fallen God Abyss of the 17th district of the Black Demon Abyss from his [Cloud Top Cauldron]. 

These white bones were extremely tough and looked similar to Wei Wubing's skeletal frame. No one other than a Quasi-emperor would be able to destroy these bones. And the reason why he managed to kill Wei Wubing was because of the purple qi that his [Blood Drinker Sword] had absorbed from Quasi-emperor Mushan when he died. He had been wondering how to put these white bones to good use and now he had a plan.

He categorized all the white bones according to size, length, width, and shape. Then, an expectant expression appeared on his face.

He planned to piece these white bones together to form a White-boned War Body that resembled Wei Wubing's. 

This was not a difficult task for him because he had given this matter a lot of thought and also examined Wei Wubing's War Body, but he still took some time to piece the body together. It took him one hour before this skeletal frame finally took on a form—it was a White-boned reptilian monster that was more than a dozen meters long with large wings, and it looked like the Earth Dragon from the ancient era.

He did not choose to form a human-shaped War Body like Wei Wubing. 

He felt that he could only form a true war machine if it took the form of a beast. He was not like Wei Wubing, who needed a human body in order to hide his identity. Instead, his priority was how this body could be used to his advantage in battle. So, he designed this body to be as effective as possible in battle and finally pieced together a White-boned monster. Another important reason for his actions was that he had found a giant dragon-shaped skull in his collection of white bones by chance.

The first step was to piece these bones together. 

Then, he started to carve formations onto the bones.

He turned the [Blood Drinker Sword Pill] into a blood-colored, rune engraving tool, and used the purple Emperor qi that was contained within it to start carving runes on the bones. This was the only thing that could leave a mark on these bones, and the formation that he selected was completely different from the current runes that were employed throughout the Vast Thousand Domains. Instead, he combined the occult technique from one hundred eight ancient characters with the records he read at [Formation Emperor] Luoso's palace library to develop a unique formation.

This process was relatively slow and it took him four hours to complete the task. 

The White-boned Earth Dragon was made up of one thousand and one1 white bones of varying shapes and sizes. And at that moment, each bone was covered in the thin, ancient markings of a formation that swirled around each bone like a bright red strand of hair. The faint Emperor qi that it contained had yet to be activated, but this War Body already gave off an astonishing aura. This War Body had become even more powerful due to Quasi-emperor Mushan's purple Emperor qi that was embedded within it.

The War Body was complete. 

But it lacked a soul. 

This was similar to how the golden war puppets of the Alliance of Domains could be activated by formations but needed to be controlled by a "key". They only knew how to kill, but were unable to think autonomously, so although they were still considered high-quality war puppets, they were still a far cry from how his ideal war puppet would be. He wanted to create a war puppet with its own autonomous thinking, but this was extremely difficult because even the ancient great emperors had found it difficult to grasp the complexities of the soul.

However, he would now be able to make full use of his resources. 

He exerted the [Storm Cauldron], opened its lid, and tipped the Puppet Bloodworm out of it.

"Get in there!" Ye Qingyu shouted and exerted a sealing technique. 

His hands moved through the Void and made layers of mysterious markings on it that resembled layers of a silver web. Then, he drew on the primeval world power within the quiet room to force the Puppet Bloodworm, which was still in a daze, into the White-boned Earth Dragon War Body.


A strange power immediately surged out from the White-boned Earth Dragon War Body.

He examined it anxiously. 

The formation engraved on the white bones started to operate silently. Then, rays of strange light flowed along the rune markings on the body. It was very faint in the beginning, but soon afterward, this light grew more and more dazzling and the power surged within it. It was so powerful that even he was shocked.

Not long after that, he could clearly sense a faint lifeforce from within the White-boned Earth Dragon.

Did he succeed? 

He was overjoyed.

Two red balls of light appeared in the White-boned Earth Dragon's eye sockets. 

Then, its large body gradually shook as though it was trying to walk.


The White-boned Earth Dragon opened its mouth and the air vibrated in its throat as it forced an almost unintelligible voice out of its newfound body. 

"My body. I…" The little worm was clearly not used to its new body and it was overcome by a strange sensation, as though it were a newborn child. The moment it moved its body, it fell on the ground with a loud bang.

"You should take some time to get used to it," Ye Qingyu said patiently.

The little worm would need a bit of time to adapt to its new body, but it was the perfect candidate to control this War Body because Puppet Bloodworms only had souls but lacked bodies. This worm was like Wei Wubing, so after it grew accustomed to its body, its combat strength would be even more powerful than Wei Wubing's because of the Emperor qi within its bones. In fact, its combat strength would even surpass his. 

Nonetheless, since he had personally carved the formation on the War Body, he would naturally be able to control it.

Fifteen minutes later. 

The little worm grew accustomed to its new body.

"I feel stronger than I ever have before," it said with an excited howl. 

The large White-boned Earth Dragon moved around the quiet room. All its bones were perfectly joined and its movements became less awkward. It was like a machine that gradually ran more smoothly after it had completed the initial warm-up phase. The power it exuded grew more and more powerful because the little worm was still unable to completely grasp the formation within the bones. It would need time to adapt to its new body before it would be able to rein in its power.

"I feel like I can tear the heavens and earth apart," it yelled excitedly. 

"Shut up." Ye Qingyu was afraid that this worm might tear down the Heaven Wasteland Building in all its excitement. "I'll destroy this War Body if you ever dare to defy me and also kill you at the same time. I can give you this body, but at the same time, I'm able to completely destroy you."

The little worm was so frightened that it immediately calmed down. 

It respected and feared Ye Qingyu, no longer daring to show any sign of defiance.

"I want you to first grow accustomed to your body. You'll get a chance to show off your skills in a few days. I hope you won't let me down then," he instructed the worm. Then, he kept the White-boned Earth Dragon in the storage space of the [Cloud Top Cauldron] in order to prevent it from causing alarm and chaos outside. 

Soon after, the Great Dragon Turtle Demon knocked on the door.

"My lord, we're approaching the Domain Gate. It is time," the Great Dragon Turtle Demon reported. 

Ye Qingyu nodded and left the quiet room. 

Four hours later—

He left Heaven Connect City and appeared in the Dragon Human Domain.

The Dragon Human Domain had been thrown into turmoil and war since the dissolution of the Dragonblood Dynasty. It was extremely chaotic, and a large majority of the domain gates were controlled by the major forces and were under military control, so they could not be used. Therefore, the Domain Gate that he used was an extremely small Domain Gate located at the border of the wilderness. He emerged from that domain gate and entered a small city located along that border.

A mix of humans and Dragon Humans resided in the city. 

This small city was in a very chaotic state since the Dragon Human Race army was recruiting soldiers. The Dragonblood Dynasty had split into three branches and war broke out frequently, so the Dragon Human Race experts weren't the only ones who were recruited. Many young men of the Human Race were also forced to join the army as cannon fodder to perform the lowliest tasks, and they were treated like laborers. The sounds of cries and wails filled the entire city as the houses of many humans were set on fire. 

In such a chaotic world, the men were treated worse than dogs. 

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