1072 - The Storm Cauldron

Chapter 1072 - The Storm Cauldron


"What?" Lin Baiyi was shocked and said angrily, "How dare these damn Dragon Humans seize this opportunity to take advantage of us?"

The conflict between the Dragon Human Race and Heaven Wasteland Domain had been brewing for some time - rumors had swirled about their conflict for some time and there were several occasions when it had almost led to war, but thankfully, this conflict had been barely contained. However, no one expected their enemy who had been eyeing them for some time to suddenly make their move when there was internal strife within their domain.

This was only going to make things worse.

"The Dragon Humans?" Ye Qingyu smiled when he heard the news instead of being enraged.

Were these Dragon Humans who were an offshoot and descendants of the ancient dragons according to legend, finally about to make their move? 

It was clear to him that the Dragon Human Domain had undergone some changes.

"Brother Lin Baiyi, please send a message back and tell Her Majesty not to engage them in battle. Tell her to give up the territories of the White Mountain Black Water Brute Race but she must not engage in them head-on in battle," he said after some thought. Then, he looked at the Great Dragon Turtle Demon and said, "Make some changes to the Domain Gate's backup plan. I've decided to not go back to the Heaven Wasteland Domain." 


Great Dragon Turtle Demon and Lin Baiyi were both astonished. 

"My lord, do you mean to..." Great Dragon Turtle Demon asked in confusion.

Ye Qingyu smiled as he replied, "It'd be rude not to reciprocate their 'kindness', so I'll be headed to the Dragon Human Domain." 

Lin Baiyi's eyes lit up as understanding dawned and he said, "Do you mean to... relieve the besieged by attacking the base of the enemy?"

This was a good idea. 

If it was possible, the best solution was to take this battle away from Heaven Wasteland Domain since this will prevent innocent civilians and lives from being affected. Ye Qingyu's current cultivation and strength were enough to single-handedly strike fear throughout an entire domain and could defeat an army of thousands without any assistance as well. If he went on a killing rampage throughout the Dragon Human Domain, this would force Xu Wuya, the War God of the Dragon Human Race back to the Dragon Human Domain to rescue them, then Heaven Wasteland Domain would no longer be in danger."

Ye Qingyu smiled and said, "In a way, yes." 


In the quiet room of the Heaven Wasteland Building— 

Ye Qingyu laid out a formation that blocked out the surrounding aura.

The white pill furnace appeared in his hand. 

"Tell me everything from the very beginning. Who are you working for and where are all your accomplices?" he asked as he removed the noise-canceling formation on the pill furnace.

"Ha ha ha ha..." a burst of cold and malicious laughter could be heard from the within the pill furnace as Wei Wubing replied, "Do you think I'd tell you anything?" 

Ye Qingyu smiled coldly and said, "I assumed that you would have told me everything. You murdered Mister Ren Puyang, so you should know that I would do anything in order to achieve my goals. If you refuse to spill the beans, I'm afraid that you'd have to suffer and once you can no longer bear the pain, you'd end up telling me everything anyway, so why don't we save each other some time?"

"Ha ha ha ha, why don't you go ahead and try then?" Wei Wubing scoffed coldly.

As an ancient demonic being, he had been through all sorts of experiences and was different from an ordinary living creature, so why would he fear any kind of torturous interrogation method? 

"Sure," Ye Qingyu nodded.

A bright red flame appeared in his palm and he lit the pill furnace. 

The white pill furnace suddenly underwent a mysterious change and gave off dazzling silvery-white splendor.

This was one of the pill furnaces from the Yin-Yang Formation in [Tusita Palace] that was located in the middle of the maze of the Reincarnation Hall and it had previously contained the Deathlike Pills. It was now used by him to store things and to refine divine artifacts and since this pill furnace was an ancient artifact, it was extremely precious and incredibly powerful. Otherwise, it would not be able to hold a demonic creature like Wei Wubing prisoner. During his spare time, he had also taken some time to refine this pill furnace, so he had already figured out how to operate this item.

He would use this pill furnace to refine Wei Wubing today. 

The moment he operated the pill furnace, wind and thunder formed within it and the huge rumbling sounds of thunder could be heard. 

"Ah..." Wei Wubing's terrified shrieks could be heard. "What exactly is this? How... how did you come across this item?"

Ye Qingyu remained silent as he continued to exert the pill furnace. 

Next came the sounds of wind and rain.

The wind howled angrily and the rain beat down heavily in the cauldron! 

This was one of the strange effects a top-level pill furnace could produce.

A true divine-level pill furnace might look as though it ran on the power of fire, but instead of heating up its contents like ordinary mortals would imagine it to do, it could activate its own magical formation to turn the outside energy into various forms of universal forces. Then, it had the ability to generate wind, rain, electricity, snow, ice, earth, the five elemental properties and so forth within it. This white jade pill furnace was known as the [Storm Cauldron] and it could generate wind and rain, then draw on this power to refine pills. 

At that moment, Wei Wubing was feeling the pain of being beaten by both wind and rain.

This was no ordinary wind and rain. The wind was a destructive wind and the rain was a weak rain, these were all targeted to hurt the spirit.

"Ah ah..." Wei Wubing's terrified cries could be heard from the pill furnace. 

Ye Qingyu ignored him and operated the one hundred eight ancient characters secret technique, then the [Storm Cauldron] slowly turned in circles. Then, it spun out of his palm to land on the ground in front of him and turned into a huge white jade furnace that was two meters tall. All kinds of ancient formations were carved on its body as though these formations had formed naturally. They were freckled with age and continuously absorbed the flames that he created.

The sounds of wind and rain grew even louder within the pill furnace. 

Wei Wubing's screams became louder and more pitiful and he sounded like a half-dead pig shrieking with a knife already embedded in its neck. 

But he refused to admit defeat.

Time ticked by slowly. 

Soon, he had already refined Wei Wubing within that pill furnace for an hour. 

Wei Wubing's howls grew more miserable, then gradually became weaker as though a huge amount of energy had been sapped from him.

However, no matter how loudly he shrieked, he never once begged for mercy.

Ye Qingyu's brows furrowed slightly. 

This demonic creature's resolve was stronger than he had imagined.

"If I continue to refine him in this pill furnace, he would probably die," he thought and found that this issue had become a little trickier than expected. Wei Wubing and that Puppet Bloodworm from the Ancient Sky Dragon Domain were probably the same creatures but Wei Wubing was clearly much stronger and more determined than the Puppet Bloodworm. He could be considered a hero amongst the demons.

Afterwards, he continued to refine Wei Wubing for another fifteen minutes. 

Wei Wubing's screams gradually grew weaker and it was clear that he had become extremely frail.

Ye Qingyu asked him many times but Wei Wubing refused to speak, neither did he surrender. 

This would complicate matters. 

Ye Qingyu put a temporary halt to this process.

If he ended up killing Wei Wubing, then he would be killing his only witness. 

After some thought, he took out the blood pill that the Puppet Bloodworm was trapped in.

He had once handed this Puppet Bloodworm to Ren Puyang and after Ren Puyang found the information he was after, he had returned it to Ye Qingyu. Now, Ye Qingyu wanted this Puppet Bloodworm to tell him how he could force Wei Wubing to spill the information that he knew. After all, they were similar organisms, so this Puppet Bloodworm might have a better understanding of Wei Wubing.

Before he could even ask the question, the Puppet Bloodworm seemed to have already read his mind and started to anxiously crash against the blood pill that trapped it as it howled loudly, "Let me eat him, let me eat him. I'll recognize you as my master and I'll never betray you..." 

It was clearly extremely anxious. 

Ye Qingyu paused for a moment, then he understood that it wanted to eat Wei Wubing.

"Wei Wubing is still useful to me. I need to force him to spill the information he knows," he looked at the blood pill and said telepathically, "If you have a way to make him talk, I could hand him over to you once I'm done with him." 

"This is easy. It is way too simple...After I've eaten him, I would possess all his memories. Then, I'll be able to tell you whatever information you wish to know," the Puppet Bloodworm screamed.

He asked a little suspiciously, "Is it really that simple?" 

"This is an innate ability that our race has always had. If we eat our fellow kind, it would be inheriting their bloodline..." the Puppet Bloodworm explained shrilly. It seemed very anxious and swam madly within the blood pill excitedly, as though it was a precious and rare opportunity for it.

He thought for a moment, then finally agreed to the Puppet Bloodworm's proposal. 

This was the only thing he could do since he would not be able to get any information from Wei Wubing otherwise.

"Alright. Remember this promise that you've made. If you dare to deceive me, I'll make sure that I'll kill you immediately," he finally said after mulling over this matter. Then, he sent the blood pill in the [Storm Cauldron] and simultaneously summoned the [Cloud Top Cauldron]. He unleashed its power that enveloped and sealed the entire quiet room in order to prevent any unwanted accidents. 

Finally, he removed the seal of the blood pill that was now within the pill furnace.

Rumble! Rumble! 

A huge rumble exploded from the [Cloud Top Cauldron], as though it was suddenly buffeted by huge wind and rains.

"This is insubordination, you..." Wei Wubing growled angrily. 

The Puppet Bloodworm retorted angrily, "We share the same blood but I was born in Chaos and am not from that place, so there is no insubordination to speak of. Ha ha ha, this is a really great opportunity for me. Once I absorb your strength, I would be able to obtain everything you have. Ha ha ha..."it shrieked excitedly.

A fierce battle seemed to be happening within the [Storm Cauldron]. 

Ye Qingyu quietly observed the situation.

He had full control of the pill furnace and thus could see everything that happened within it. 

Fifteen minutes later, the strange phenomenon that was happening within [Storm Cauldron] gradually dissipated.

The Puppet Bloodworm had swallowed Wei Wubing. 

All his energy, resolve, memories and spirit... all of these had been absorbed by the Puppet Bloodworm. Their race had always been blessed with the innate ability to absorb all things and this was an innate magical ability that was comparable to the power of laws. Wei Wubing used to be extremely powerful but he had been defeated by Ye Qingyu and had been refined within the [Storm Cauldron] for more than an hour, so he was already extremely weak. Even though he used to be a powerful expert of his race, he was still defeated by the Puppet Bloodworm and vanished from this universe.

The Puppet Bloodworm was extremely elated after it absorbed Wei Wubing. 

It worked hard to convert Wei Wubing's strength and memories into its own.

Moments later— 

"Tell me everything you know now," Ye Qingyu said.

The Puppet Bloodworm was silent for a moment, then layers of dark red light circles appeared on its body and it looked extremely pleased with itself as it laughed maniacally, "Ha ha ha, you foolish human, did you truly think that I would tell you anything? Ha ha ha, now that I've absorbed the yuan essence of an Emperor-level Dark Demon, ha ha ha, you will never be able to imprison me again. I will..." 


Ye Qingyu interrupted the Puppet Bloodworm's speech with a shake of his head.


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