1072 - The Storm Cauldron

Chapter 1072 - The Storm Cauldron


"What?" Lin Baiyi was shocked and said angrily, "How dare these damn Dragon Humans seize this opportunity to take advantage of us?"

The conflict between the Dragon Human Race and Heaven Wasteland Domain had been brewing for some time - rumors had swirled about their conflict for some time and there were several occasions when it had almost led to war, but thankfully, this conflict had been barely contained. However, no one expected their enemy who had been eyeing them for some time to suddenly make their move when there was internal strife within their domain.

This was only going to make things worse.

"The Dragon Humans?" Ye Qingyu smiled when he heard the news instead of being enraged.

Were these Dragon Humans who were an offshoot and descendants of the ancient dragons according to legend, finally about to make their move? 

It was clear to him that the Dragon Human Domain had undergone some changes.

"Brother Lin Baiyi, please send a message back and tell Her Majesty not to engage them in battle. Tell her to give up the territories of the White Mountain Black Water Brute Race but she must not engage in them head-on in battle," he said after some thought. Then, he looked at the Great Dragon Turtle Demon...

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