1071 - Riots and Declaration of War

Chapter 1071 Riots and Declaration of War


Time slowly ticked by.

Both the Great Dragon Turtle Demon and Lin Baiyi were becoming increasingly anxious. 

Unfortunately, due to Ye Qingyu's appearance at the Alliance of Domains' divine temple, the surrounding security was a few times stricter than usual. The amount of sentry airships had increased greatly, and the entire divine mountain was incredibly secure. There was nothing they could do, and if they tried to enter by force, they would end up being slain on the spot.

Time passed by. 

The dark clouds in the skies were gradually dispersing.

A bright ray of sunlight fell from above, and the skies suddenly became clear. 

"Someone's coming out," a few people observed, instantly creating a huge commotion.

Experts who had come from all corners of the world began surging forward from the foot of the divine temple. 

A white airship flew out of an air terminal and cruised around like a small boat, bathing in the bright sunshine.

A figure in white stood ramrod straight at the airship's bow. His clothes were as white as snow; his hair black as ink itself. He looked extremely elegant, and who else was it, other than Ye Qingyu, the [Ice Sword Killing God]? 

Everyone exclaimed in surprise after a short moment of silence.

"Ye Qingyu is out." 

"He's perfectly fine, and it...

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