1069 - White-Boned Battle Demon

Chapter 1069 - White-Boned Battle Demon


“Oh? Is that so? Can you tell me who exactly I am, Lord Ye Qingyu?”

A bizarre smile formed on Wei Wubing’s face. 

“Who? A wandering soul, I suppose,” Ye Qingyu answered calmly.

“A wandering soul?” Lowering his head, Wei Wubing carefully pondered, as if he was judging whether Ye Qingyu’s description was accurate. 

A while later.

He began to laugh. 

“Hohoho, a wandering soul, a wandering soul, indeed...” He looked at Ye Qingyu with a forced smile. “Can you… describe me a little more exactly, Lord Ye Qingyu?”

At this moment, all of his previous expressions, including those of fear, vehemence, uncertainty, and worry… disappeared. 

All expressions abruptly disappeared from that heavily wrinkled face.

They were replaced by an inner calmness and a kind of indifferent contempt toward Ye Qingyu. 

Evidently, all of his previous expressions were just pretense, and only this was him in his true state.

These expressions revealed that he was actually not the least bit afraid of Ye Qingyu. 

The crowd began to sense that something was not right at this time.

Ou Wuji looked surprisedly at Wei Wubing. 

Instead, Ye Qingyu’s expression...

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