1068 – Suddenly Understood

Chapter 1068 – Suddenly Understood


“You must be joking, Lord Ye Qingyu. Wei Wubing is Wei Wubing, who else can he be?” Regaining his previous calmness in speech, Wei Wubing smiled, albeit his fingers involuntarily tightened around the red-feathered fan.

 Ou Wuji hurriedly followed up in explanation, “Deputy Ye Qingyu, Mister Wei Wubing is a wise man I met in the Ancient Sky Dragon Domain. Over the years, he has always followed beside me and helped me a great deal. This is something I can testify to.” Seeing that Wei Wubing was in an argumentative mood, he tried to salvage the situation for himself, afraid that another mishap would occur.

 “I wasn’t asking you,” Ye Qingyu looked at him and snapped bluntly.

 His heart quivered as he hurriedly lowered his head.

 Ye Qingyu shook his head disappointedly, “How did someone like you become the First Deputy of the Human Race?”

 Ou Wuji dared not reply despite feeling mildly angered.

 He was once a hero of the Human Race who had left countless people wide-eyed, and had awed an age by doing several world-shocking things and making impressive contributions. A century ago, mention of the [Jade-faced Peerless Sword] Ou Wuji would...

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